San Antonio—Central South Texas Edition 2020—U.S. Small Bus…


San Antonio—Central South Texas Edition 2020

Local Business Assistance

Funding Programs

8 Local Success Story

24 National Success Story Jennifer and Jeff Herbert’s meadery has expanded into a multimillion dollar enterprise thanks to SBA assistance. 27 SBA Lenders 32 Need Financing?

With the help of SBA-backed financing, JaeKim’s entrepreneurial dream expanded across Austin.

11 Local SBA

Resource Partners

13 Your Advocates 14 How to Start a Business 18 Entrepreneurial Resources 19 Emerging Leaders 20 Opportunities for Veterans 22 Write Your Business Plan

33 Financing 101 34 Go Global with

International Trade 36 R&D Opportunities for High Growth Startups 38 National Success Story

Cheeseburger Baby owner Stephanie Vitori persevered through a financial storm and a natural disaster.

42 Surety Bonds


44 National Success Story Jennifer Rahn steers the course for Admiral Engineering, succeeding as a small business subcontractor. 47 Government Contracting 48 SBA Certification Programs 49 Woman-Owned Small Business Certification

ON THE COVER Jae Kim, courtesy of the SBA; Jennifer and Jeff Herbert, courtesy of Superstition Meadery; September Myres, courtesy of the Sundance Consulting; Frank Spencer III, courtesy of Aztec Contractors


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