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Financing 101

What do you need funding for? 1

• Start or purchase a business

• Purchase, renovate or expand facilities

• Purchase inventory, equipment or machinery

I need investors.

I need to research and develop a business idea for commercialization.

I’m bidding on a contract that requires me to be bonded.

• Revolving credit/working capital for day-to-day expenses

Look into SBICs.

Research the SBIR or STTR programs.

Ask for information on SBA surety bonds.

• Export a product or service

2 Do you need help with your business plan or loan package? If so, SBA Resource Partners can help. Find a list at your local SBA district office.


Now that you have your business plan and loan package ready, contact an SBA Lender to see if you qualify. There are two options...

Be prepared to discuss: • size and purpose of your loan • how long your business has operated • your credit history • collateral

Check out Lender Match ( to find an SBA Lenders who may specialize in your industry or type of project.

Visit your local SBA district office for a list of local SBA Lenders.



• financial projections • technical assistance/ mentoring needs





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