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FUNDING PROGRAMS Go Global with International Trade Stabilize seasonal sales and become less less dependent on any one market by exporting.

Export Express uses a streamlined process that expedites the SBA guarantee— what small businesses need most when preparing to export or ramping up international trade on a fast timeline. Max loan amount: $500,000 Interest rate: typically not to exceed prime + 6.5% Terms: up to 25 years for real estate, up to 10 years for equipment, up to seven years for lines of credit Guarantee: up to 90% Approval time: 36 hours or less Help with Trade Barriers If you need assistance with international trade regulations, the SBA can be your advocate in foreign markets. Call toll free (855) 722-4877 or email your contact information and trade issue to Expert Advice on Exporting Find an SBA professional in one of the 21 U.S. Export Assistance Centers, eac , located in most major metro areas. The centers are also staffed by the U.S. Department of Commerce and, in some locations, the Export- Import Bank of the United States and other public and private organiza- tions. Visit your local Small Business Development Center (see page 10) for exporting assistance from profes- sional business counselors.

foreign sales or for fixed assets, helping you better compete globally. Apply for lines of credit prior to finalizing an export sale or contract and adequate financing will be in place by the time you win your contract. If you’ve been in business for at least a year, ask your area SBA regional finance manager about the Export Working Capital program. The International Trade Loan program also helps exporters who have been adversely affected by foreign importing competition, helping you better compete globally. Max loan amount: $5 million Interest rate: for Export Working Capital, the rate is negotiated between borrower and lender. For the International Trade Loan, it also cannot exceed prime + 2.75% for loan amounts over $50,000 and matu- rity of seven years or more. Terms: For Export Working Capital, typi- cally one year, cannot exceed three years. For International Trade Loans, up to 25 years for real estate, up to 10 years for equipment. Guarantee: up to 90%

Expand your Market Small businesses can enter and excel in the international marketplace using State Trade Expansion Program grants and training. Visit to find out if your state is participating. You can: • learn how to export • participate in foreign trade missions and trade shows • obtain services to support foreign market entry • translate websites to attract foreign buyers • design international marketing products or campaigns

Financing for International Growth

Having trouble securing capital to meet your small business exporting needs? Use SBA international trade programs to cover short or long-term costs necessary to sell goods or services abroad. Loan proceeds can be used for working capital to finance


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