San Antonio—Central South Texas Edition 2020—U.S. Small Bus…

HelpwithTradeBarriers If you need assistance with international trade regulations, the SBA can be your advocate in foreign markets. Call toll free (855) 722-4877 or email your contact information and trade issue to

HOW THE SBA HELPED US SUCCEED Small businesses that qualify for the SBA State Trade Expansion Program use grant proceeds to bolster their international market presence, which EarthQuaker Devices has done in a seismic way. A manufacturer of guitar special effects pedals in Akron, OH, EarthQuaker has built an international social media fanbase delivering content in seven languages, generating millions of website page views. EarthQuaker owners Julie Robbins & Jamie Stillman developed their global marketing strategy andmultilingual promomaterialswith the SBA State Trade Expansion Program. The couple also received global marketing counseling and research assistance from the Ohio Small Business Development Center Export Assistance Network.


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