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» The commercialization stage is when your small business seeks public or private funds for its venture or sells the innovation for a profit. How your startup benefits The funding agency does not take an equity position or ownership of your business. The federal government also protects data rights and the ability to win sole-source phase three contracts. Some agencies provide additional resources beyond funding. Participating agencies:

Investment Capital Looking for investors? For mature, profitable busi- nesses with sufficient cash flow to pay interest, a small business investment company can help scale up your small business.

» Department of Agriculture » Department of Commerce

› National Institute of Standards and Technology › National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

» Department of Defense » Department of Education » Department of Energy » Department of Health and Human Services › Centers for Disease Control

› Food and Drug Administration › National Institutes of Health » Department of Homeland Security » Department of Transportation » Environmental Protection Agency » NASA » National Science Foundation

For more information, visit and click on Funding Programs and then Investment Capital. Visit and click on Funding Programs and then Investment Capital. Follow us on Twitter for updates and announcements or visit our events page to learn about out- reach programs in your community. How an SBIC works Investment companies with financing expertise in certain industry sectors receive SBA-guaranteed loans, which means the federal government is responsible in case of default. These investment companies then use the SBA- guaranteed capital and private funds to invest in qualifying small businesses. Each SBIC has its own investment profile in terms of targeted industry, geography, company maturity, the types and size of financing they provide. To be eligible The majority of your employees and assets must be within the United States. Some ineligible small businesses and activities include re-lenders, real estate, project financing, and foreign investment.

Visit to find funding opportunities and helpful program tutorials, as well as past award winners, such as Qualcomm, iRobot, Illumina, and Symantec. Use the local resources locator tool to identify state and regional programs and resources available to assist with grant writing, commercialization, and business counseling in your community.

SBIR Road Tour Visit and follow us @SBIRgov to learn about this annual national program and related events connecting tech entrepreneurs to the country’s largest source of early stage funding, providing over 5,000 new awards annually.


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