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Get Ready The Ready Business program, , gives step-by-step guidance on how to prepare your business for a disaster. The series includes preparedness toolkits for earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding, power outages, and severe winds/tornadoes. Spanish materials are available. Don’t Wait Take steps now to protect your business and reduce property damage with the help of an SBA disaster assistance loan. Those affected by a disaster can rebuild stronger by increasing their SBA loan up to 20% of the verified physical damage to make mitigation improvements. Borrowers have two years after loan approval to request an increase for higher rebuilding costs, code-required upgrades or mitigation.

Small Business Development Center, which provided assistance with financing options and marketing. She continues to meet with SBDC advisers to remain competitive in an ever- changing economy. During disasters, the responsibility falls on the owner’s shoulders. But one lesson Stephanie has learned is the value in reaching out to others for assistance and counsel. While her brick-and-mortar restaurant was being rebuilt, she sold from a food truck. When the restaurant was operational again, she advertised that with spray paint on the plywood covering the broken windows. Stephanie and her wife, Gabrie Vitori, rebuilt Cheeseburger Baby by depending on each other and SBA assistance. See their story on YouTube by searching for the 2019 Phoenix Award for Small Business Disaster Recovery. “You’ve got to have resiliency. You’ve got to swallow your pride sometimes”, Stephanie says. “But you also have to believe in your product.” Benefit For Cheeseburger Baby, that product will continue satisfying the burger hankerings of locals, celebrities, and tourists alike. Vitori sees expansion in her future—she’d like to have a brick- and-mortar restaurant and food truck in each growing town in South Florida. “My whole life is this. I’ve always felt a love for business ownership, ” Stephanie says. “That drive keeps you going.”

Keep in mind Since an SBA disaster loan is a direct loan from the government, other organizations may reduce or not award you a grant if you have received an SBA loan or other assistance for your disaster loss. Be sure to check with the organization offering assistance to see how an SBA loan might affect your eligibility for their program. In general, recovery expenses covered by insurance, FEMA, or other forms of assistance may reduce the amount provided by your SBA disaster assistance loan.


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