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SBA San Antonio District Office Hipolito F. Garcia Federal Federal Building 615 E. Houston St., suite 298 San Antonio, TX 78205 (210) 403-5900 @SBA_SanAntonio

District Director Letter W elcome to the 2020-2021 edition of the U.S. Small within central south Texas. Texas offers businesses across all industries one of the best business climates in the nation. The SBA helps make the American dream of small business ownership a reality. We are the only federal agency dedicated to helping our 30 million small businesses start, grow, expand, or recover after a disaster. The SBA San Antonio District Office works with an extensive network of business advisors and lenders to help Texas’s 2.7 million small businesses at every stage of development. Across our district in the last year, we empowered small businesses within our district to: Business Administration’s San Antonio District Office Small Business Resource Guide covering the 55 counties • Find a business adviser or mentor. To get started, visit our SBA office or one of our SBA Resource Partners, starting on page 9, where you will find listings for free or low-cost business advisers, which includes Small Business Development Centers, SCORE mentors, Women’s Business Centers, and the Veterans Business Outreach Center. • Access nearly $425 million in SBA-guaranteed loans using 119 local lenders. The small businesses that qualified for our programs then went on to add over 4,000 new jobs. Find out if SBA backed financing is right for you by consulting with an SBA specialist at one of our partner lending institutions, listed in the green Funding Programs section. • Recover after a declared disaster with over $60 million from SBA disaster assistance loans. This guide also details disaster assistance loans and SBA-backed loans exclusively for small business exporting. • Secure prime contracting opportunities, training and technical assistance. Many San Antonio area entrepreneurs benefited from gaining more than $4.4 billion in federal contracting awards. If you are interested in getting started in government contracting, read about SBA certifications and our business development programs. SBA programs and services help you better compete in the public marketplace. Stay up to date on SBA events near you and get valuable Texas business information by following us @SBA_SanAntonio. As our community continues its recovery from the health, social, emotional and economic effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, we hope you know you can continue to count on SBA for small business assistance. We're in this together.

Deputy District Director David Elizondo (210) 403-5926 x386 Administrative Officer Ashley Morales (210) 403-5903 x357 Public Affairs Specialist Nina Ramon (210) 403-5920 x327 Program Support Assistant Daniel Del Rossi (210) 403-5900 x321 District Counsel Kelle Acock (210) 403-5914 x325 Lead Lender Relations Specialist Cindy Solano (210) 403-5919 x338 Lender Relations Specialists Lionel “Leo” Davila (210) 403-5917 x322 Annie Hudspeth (210) 403-5918 x333

Lead Business Development Specialist Theresa Scott (210) 403-5929 x372 Business Development

Specialists Don Owens

(210) 403-5912 x382 Eric Spencer

(210) 403-5940 x352 Cell (210) 371-7745 SBA Office of Government Contracting Procurement Center Activities supported: Department of Defense contracting activities located in San Antonio, Dyess AFB, Goodfellow AFB, Laughlin AFB, Sheppard AFB, and Texas Army National Guard, Austin, TX. Representative Sheena L. Little (210) 403-5909


SBA San Antonio District Office


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