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E nvironmental L aw By Albert Telsey, Esq., Meyner and Landis LLP New Jersey’s environmental kit-and-caboodle

K. It’s a book. The New Jersey Environ- mental Law Hand- b o o k 2 0 1 4 ( 8 t h . E d . ) p u b l i s h e d by Be r nan Pr e s s . But h a n g w i t h me for a few paragraphs. The story of i t s cont ent and popularity is interest- ing. A bus load of the state’s top environmental professionals – 45 in all - joined forces to distill a lifetime of experi- ence into a rich gumbo of environment everything that makes up the content of this book. I quarterbacked the effort. Our goal was to give people what they had been asking for – the Reader’s Digest version of how New Jersey’s best and brightest deal with the state’s envi- ronmental laws and regula- tions so that compliance is achieved without sacrificing business profitability. I addressed the most com- mon topic –how to buy and sell contaminated property. The big issues are figuring out who is going to pay for the cleanup, how much it will cost, where the money will come from and how to walk away without the fear of lingering liability. Some techniques discussed include escrows, liability transfer provisions, remedial action permits, indemnifications, releases and managing en- vironmental legacy issues. George Vallone a real estate deve l oper wi th Hoboken Brownstone Company said, “Al Telsey puts the puzzle pieces together so deals get done. He and his co-authors answer a lot of questions that would otherwise chill real estate deals in New Jersey.” Other chapters in the book related to real estate deals include how to do cleanups cost-efficiently; fixed price cleanups using specially designed insurance; creat- ing the “capital stack” from public and private financing pools to purchase contami- nated property; tax conse- quences of contaminated property deals; financing the public environmental project; lender liability pro- tection statutes designed to O Albert Telsey

encourage lenders to lend on and foreclose upon contami- nated property; recovering environmental cleanup costs from responsible parties and insurance companies; bankruptcy; condemnation; and tax appeals. There is also a section on how to use state redevelopment and rehabilitation laws to better develop contaminated and underdeveloped areas. That’s not all. The book also distills down the pri- mary environmental land use programs impacting real estate deals and provides

practical commentary on wetlands; Pinelands; Mead- owlands; riparian lands; coastlands; waterfront devel- opment; flood hazard areas; farmlands; Green Acres and historic preservation. The primary environmental pro- grams are also provided to the reader in bit-sized nug- gets including air; hazardous waste; solid waste; water quality/water supply; sewer- age/wastewater treatment; health and safety/right to know and wildlife preserva- tion. For those concerned with the enforcement of it all

there are chapters address- ing administrative, civil and criminal enforcement including natural resource damages. This book was written be- cause it did not exist before now. Jerry English, one of the first DEP Commission- ers wrote, “I have seen New Jersey’s environmental laws and regulations grow to an entire library. This book provides the collective wis- dom of its best practitioners and condenses the whole thing into one handy-dandy volume.”

Since its publication ear- lier this year the book is on pace to outsell all prior edi- tions. Order a copy. You will be glad to have it on your shelf for ready reference. To order call 1.800.865.3457 or order online at www.row- man.com/BernanPress. Use this code for a 30% discount: A14NJELH Albert Telsey, Esq. prac- tices environmental law at Meyner and Landis LLP in Newark, NJ. He spends most of his time making contaminated real estate deals happen. n

One Gateway, Suite 2500, Newark, New Jersey 07102 www.meyner.com Ph. (973) 602-3439

Meyner and Landis LLP was formed over 50 years ago by Governor Robert B. Meyner who knew how to pick top- notch legal talent. To this day creative lawyers at the firm continue to provide practical solutions to commercial problems. Albert I. Telsey, Esq., environmental partner at Meyner and Landis and 45 colleagues wrote the NJ Environmental Law Handbook to provide a rich gumbo of practical environmental advice for ready reference by today’s business persons looking for compliance advice to maintain profitability for real estate deals and other ventures. February 2014 • 350 pages

978-1-59888-668-9 • $99.00 • Paper 978-1-59888-699-3 • $97.99 • eBook To order call 1.800.865.3457 or order online at www.rowman.com/BernanPress Use this code for a 30% discount: A14NJELH

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