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O wners , D evelopers & M anagers By Glenn Ebersole, Hollenbach Construction An approach to making good decisions in business & life


D id you ever stop and think about how many decisions you are re-

tips to engage in a strategic thinking approach for your decision making that will help you make the right decisions, no matter what the situation. #1: Develop a clearly focused and defined business vision and personal vision statements and use these as a reference and guide for your decisions. #2: Develop clearly focused and defined business and per- sonal mission statements and use these as a reference and guide for your decisions. #3: Develop and define a list of your core values and guiding principles in your business and personal life and use these as a reference and guide for your decisions.

decision. Ask: What would a successful decision look like? What is required of the solu- tion? When the decision is be- tween a set of alternatives, first identify the criteria required for the ideal solution. Then weigh solution alternatives against the criteria. #7: Make a list of possible solutions. Be cautious about stopping at and selecting the first solution. Develop a list of all possible solutions - even “off- the-wall” ideas. This exercise will increase the possibility of finding a creative solution. #8: Eliminate the temptation of making purely emotional de- cisions. Emotions can override our better judgment and can keep you from making a good decision.


q u i r e d t o make each a n d e v e r y day . There are probably h u n d r e d s of decisions that need to be made in your business



Glenn Ebersole

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and your personal life every day. And those decisions range from very simple to very com- plex. The ability to make sound decisions is critical for each of us. So, do you believe that you have the skills to make those decisions most strategically and effectively?

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When a crisis occurs or tough choices need to be made, the ability to make accurate judg- ments is critical. At times the choice is between two defined alternatives, at other times there may be many possibili- ties. Making the wrong decision or judgment can have grave consequences. Because of the potential consequences of poor decisions I offer the following Haftek CWS Safe. Responsible. Enviromentally Friendly. Protected by #4: Develop clearly defined and measurable business and personal goals and use these as a reference and guide for your decisions. #5: Gather the data and in- formation needed and conduct a thorough analysis before mak- ing your decision. Too often, decisionmakers make decisions based on inconsistent messages or incomplete data. #6: Identify criteria for a good #9: Avoid making time-pres- sure decisions that put added stress on you and can force you to make a judgment based on incomplete analysis. Quick de- cisions can often lead to wrong choices. #10: Be cautious of overcon- fidence. Although confidence can be a laudable trait in many continued on page 3B

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