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ommunication is an el- ementary concept, but is often overlooked when By Matthew I. Hammond, P.E., TPD Communication: Critical Success Factor C is often the heart of project success.

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pleting their respective tasks. Identifying potential issues immediately that may cause delays to the project timing al- lows for quicker coordination on a revised course of action, resulting in less upsets in the long-run. Remember: EVERYONE is “busy”. Attending all project- related meetings helps keep YOU accountable. Missing meetings equals opportunities for you to fall behind. If you are unable to make a meeting in person, technology allows for remote attendance. Governmental Involvement A key aspect of gaining project approvals in a timely manner is inclusion of local, state, and federal governmen- tal agencies early on in the development process. While more frequent meetings are not necessary with governmental agencies, they should still be held throughout any develop- ment project and as close to the commencement of the project as possible. Since these agencies will ultimately be responsible for the approval of the devel- opment, they need to be kept in the loop, including notifying them of anticipated obstacles and possible solutions as they occur. When issues do arise, the governmental agencies may even be able to offer advice or help to resolve certain issues. If project communication is poor, key items and timeframes will be missed and cause a dom- ino effect on the overall devel- opment process. For example, if the site engineer and traffic engineer do not communicate during the initial stages of the proposed access and roadway improvement investigation, it is possible an access point can be located in an area which will not be approved by the mu- nicipality and/or DOT, causing additional revisions and plan submissions to be made. Since most municipalities’ boards meet only once a month, if a submission is not revised by the submission deadline, the Project Team may have to wait an entire month until the next municipal meeting before presenting their project and ultimately gaining approvals. Application: King of Prussia Mall Traffic Planning and Design, Inc. (TPD) is currently working as the transportation engineer on an expansion to the King of continued on page 17C

Regular Project Meetings Effective communication is paramount and is achieved through holding regular Project Team Meetings. From trans- portation and site engineers to architects and attorneys, the Project Team must con- sistently be on the same page. A key component to creating a realistic Project Schedule is outlining the steps necessary to obtain approvals and identify- ing key dates. Once these dates and goals are determined, the Project Team can focus on com-

f a s t - p a c e d deadlines ap- proach. When a property is p u t u n d e r agreement by a developer, the next step is to obtain all of the nec-

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essary approvals, construct the development and ultimately earn a profit. The key to achiev- ing this goal on schedule is through communication, which

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