Dear Reader, Thank you for allowing me to share one of my greatest passions – namely, helping others to pursue their dream job. Hopefully this little eBook will inspire you to think about your career and where you want it to take you or better yet where is it you want to go? Don’t fall into your career like many people fall into love. Wishing you good fortune in your pursuit of your dream job, and hope the pages that follow will help you in your quest. These short chapters will give you some ideas to manage your career and reengineer your life. 1. Professional Jobs That You Can Do from Home 2. The Family Corporation 3. Build A Career with Your Loveable Creatures 4. Dream Jobs from Your Hobbies 5. The Sky’s the Limit. Dream Jobs That Will Get You High 6. Part Time Jobs with Full Time Paychecks- More Time to Enjoy Life 7. The Entertainment Industry 8. Tough Jobs for Tough Guys 9. Fast Tract Dreams (These are the companies you need to work for to make big impressions and big money.) 10. Philanthropist Careers 11. Lazy Girl, How to Get Rich, Marry A Millionaire or Famous Man....... The Mrs. Degree for A New Millennium 12. How to Retire on Absolutely Nothing If These Career Books/Strategies Do Not Work. 13. Other Career Resources to Help You Obtain That Dream Job

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