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With Halloween fast approaching, October is the time for ghost stories. I don’t really have any ghost stories myself, but over the years, I’ve experienced strange phenomena that can only be described as premonitions. It all started after my father passed away in April 1993. My father and I were very close and had played many golf tournaments together. I always felt he was looking after me and was a good teacher of that game. The year that my father died, my brother, Michael, and I played in the annual member guest golf tournament. In that game, so many shots were nothing less than supernatural. For example, Michael and I were fighting for first place on the last day of the tournament and were behind by only one stroke. All of a sudden, on hole 14, Michael hit a spectacular drive, and I was able to make a long putt for a birdie. Following that, we birdied the last four holes of that tournament to win by one stroke! Both Michael and I knew that Pop was certainly helping us that day. Three years after Pop died, I had a really weird dream. In the dream, Mindy and I were at my mom’s house, and we were very upset about something. We’d just walked in the door when the phone started to ring. In the dream, my mom picked up the phone and said, “Oh my God, is she okay?” I tend to forget about dreams pretty quickly, but this one stuck with me so much that later in the afternoon, I told my

mom about it. That same day, my brother flew into town. We picked him up from the airport and drove back to my mom’s house. When we arrived, the phone started to ring, and my mom quickly went to answer it. The first thing out of her mouth was, “Oh my God, is she okay?” Come to find out, Aunt Theresa, my mom’s only sister, had been in a horrible car accident. The man she was in the car with, Bob St. Mary, didn’t survive the wreck. Aunt Theresa was in critical condition, but thankfully she pulled through. As Mindy and I left my mom’s home that night, it dawned on me that the call my mom received was the one I’d dreamt about! There’s been one stranger occurrence that made me believe there is something to the spiritual side of life. Some time ago, my Uncle Baldy (Pop’s brother) was in a hospital out in Boston. I happened to have a seminar in Boston, so I was able to go visit him in the hospital. We chatted for a while, and he looked to be doing pretty well. Four days later, I was back in Malone when I had another dream. In this dream, my Uncle Baldy came to see ME, just to say hello. I mentioned the dream to my wife the next morning, but didn’t think much of it after that. When I arrived at the office I received a call and learned Uncle Baldy had passed away the night before. Now, I don’t want anyone to be more afraid to go to the dentist than they already are, so you should know I haven’t had any more premonitions lately. But these stories still send goosebumps down my spine and make me realize that there is a lot more to life than what we see with our eyes. Happy Halloween!

– Dr. Kevin Poupore

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