Thursday Plantation Pocket Guide English

Tea Tree - A Wondrous Story Tea Tree was named by Captain James Cook in the 1770’s, when he came upon groves of trees, whose aromatic leaves were used by the indigenous tribes to make a spicy tea, hence the name Tea Tree

In 1925, research was published showing that the antiseptic activity of the distilled oil of ‘Melaleuca alternifolia’ was up to 13 times greater than that of carbolic acid, then a well-known germicide. Doctors used the oil to treat wounds, throat and fungal infections. So great was the power of Tea Tree Oil that in 1939, during World War 2, the Australian government commandeered all Tea Tree Oil stocks and supplied it to troops in their First Aid Kits.

After the war, modern drugs took over resulting in natural medicines and remedies being forgotten about. Tea Tree Oil became hard to come by and its corresponding information became nothing more than a museum record. Its reintroduction to the world 30 years later is an extraordinary tale of one family’s determination in the face of adversity.

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