Teaching at Christ's College

About College

Established in 1850, Christ’s College is an Anglican school founded on Christian principles, with a reputation for excellence in boys’ education. Located in the heart of the city, framed by the River Avon, Hagley Park and the Botanic Gardens, College – with its mix of heritage and modern buildings and excellent facilities – is one of the most attractive school campuses in New Zealand.

Vision – Matawha¯ nui Christ’s College will be a vibrant school community that educates boys to be men of virtuous character who make a positive contribution to society.

Motto – Whakapepeha Bene tradita, bene servanda – “Good traditions, well maintained”.

Virtues – Nga¯kau Matatika Seven core Christian virtues – compassion, honesty, learning, justice, respect, spirituality and stewardship – underpin all aspects of College life.

Mission – Whakatakanga Each boy at his best . Tama tuˉ tama ora ki tuˉ i te tuˉ taioreor

The ideal College graduate At College, we focus on boys’ intellectual, physical, social, spiritual and emotional development – and, as they progress through the school, we ask the boys to consider the kind of men they aspire to become. We guide them as they develop interpersonal skills, courage and resilience, enterprise and curiosity, compassion and empathy; help them understand the importance of self-awareness, confidence and humility, and a disposition to serve; and encourage them to embrace the capacity both to lead and to follow, to aspire to personal excellence, and acquire global and bicultural competence.


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