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Course Reviews: Building a Business Investing in Real Estate and Buying Investment Property A SNEAK PEEK AT THE LATEST THINK REALTY COACHES’ COURSE OFFERINGS.

Think Realty coach Linda Liberatore in the studio explaining the finer points of buy-and-hold strategy.

Taking Your Investing Seriously


his month, Ben Rao debuts his first two courses. Rao, who is nicknamed “The Entrepreneur,” teaches real estate investors how to build a business and shares various paths to the purchase of an investment property. T

Think Realty coaches provide valuable education through video courses accessible on the Think Realty website. Each course typically contains between six and 12 lessons that are easily digestible and implementable.

by Carmen Inman


f you want to be successful in real estate, you need to complete spe- cific steps to be taken seriously. That’s my takeaway from our coaching corner this month. And, by the way, how great will it be for us to get this type of information more frequently now that T hink Realty Magazine is a monthly publication? This month, we are excited to introduce Linda Liberatore as the newest member to our coaching team! Linda brings extensive knowledge to the buy-and-hold investing space. Linda has taken a problemmany investors have and provided solutions through systems meticulously scaled to size. Anyone managing multiple properties will benefit from this coaching coursework. I love to see a plan come together, and with Linda’s advice investors can put short- and long-term plans into action. While some investors may dream of taking their in- vestment business to the next phase, Linda provides the guidance to make that a reality with the proper tools.

I’m particularly fond of the messages in our coaching content this issue. Ben Rao’s informative course on establishing your investment business and brand is guidance everyone needs if they want to dip their toe in the investment pond. The benefit that a well-branded, properly structured business entity provides seri- ous investors is invaluable and necessary for a sound foundation in the industry. Abhi Golhar shared tips for invest- ing in a local market. I think a lot of investors can get behind the idea of local market investment as it lends well to building a sense of community, increas- ing property values close to home, and potentially generating more tax dollars for public school funding where your children or grandchildren attend. How- ever, Abhi reminds us that if we want to be serious about local deal profitability we can’t make our investing decisions with our heart. I love his combination of practicality and passion.

Finally, Pamela J. Goodwin’s Econom- ic Development Corporation advice is right on track for anyone wanting to get serious in the commercial space, or perhaps those already investing commercially. Her tips can also give you an advantage over your competition if you prefer residential investing as well. Here’s a little hint of what’s in store: In- timidated by the idea of walking into an EDC director’s office? She’s got four go- to questions laid right out for you! My guess is: If you’re serious enough to take this step, you’re pretty serious about your investment path, and that makes me proud of our coaching students and the team that supports them. •

mation by disclosing tools, services and companies that can help you succeed with your real estate investing business. COURSE: Buying Your Investment Property (4 episodes) In an all-encompassing look at buying a property, Rao kicks things off with creative ways to structure deals. He touts that finding money should not be something you worry about. Investors also learn to leverage traditional funding, with Rao’s own profitable experiences leading the conversation. He goes on to remind us the importance of property valuation, and imparts his ideas on inventive means to go about it. The course wraps with a discussion regarding the security of your assets. Keeping with the pattern of new twists on old things found throughout this course, Rao gives a fresh take on insurance and security. •

COURSE: Building a Business Investing in Real Estate (5 episodes) Everything you build requires a foundation, including your business. Rao walks us through his secrets to suc- cess, and says you need to “begin with the end in mind.” He shows investors how to determine strategy based on their goals, and identifies the key questions each investor needs to answer. Then, Rao dives into legal structure and accounting. His know-how and brutal honesty about past missteps offer insight to even the most seasoned investors. Once Rao gets through the fundamentals in the first two courses, he dives into your brand. Rao reminds investors that brand tells everyone else who you are as a business, and shares the tactics that have strengthened his own business and brand. We move on from there to learn how to use your brand in networking. Rao closes out this course full of golden nuggets of infor-

Carmen Inman is Director of Member Services for Think Realty. She may be reached at

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