Julie and her beloved trail horse, Kup.


Dreams + Plans Equals Results

by Julie Ziglar Norman

he ability to think beyond what can be seen in the present is a gift. Remember listening to stories as a child and believing all sorts of things that you could not necessarily see in the room were possible? Retaining that ability to be a “possibility thinker” as an adult can positively affect your real estate investing in many ways. If you are not already a possibility thinker, becoming one begins with learning to think creatively. Having some trouble with this con- cept? Let me tell you about the first time I had to be super creative to make a dream of mine come true: I was a teenager, and my father, Zig Ziglar, told me if I would sell my horse, he would combine my money with some of his own to help me purchase a better horse for the horse shows I want- ed to attend. I sold my mare within a few weeks and horse hunted for almost a year. I was beyond excited when I told my dad I had finally found “the one.” My excitement quickly turned to dis- may as I watched my father’s expression T

change from enthusiastic anticipation to crestfallen. He explained that he had just invested all the extra cash he had into publishing his first book and he would not be able to help me buy the horse of my dreams. I was disappointed, but before the week was out I had devised a plan: I called the owner of the horse and asked if I could put down the $350.00 I had made on my mare and pay out the rest at $108.33 for six months (this was in 1971 and minimum wage was $1.60). I then attended summer school so I could graduate early, work full time, and make my monthly payments. In the end, I got my horse even though it did not happen the way I had expected. I learned from that experience that you can’t give up your dream because someone else wasn’t able to contribute as expected. You have to take action and look beyond what you can see to what you can visualize accomplishing. This looking toward the possibilities is critical in real estate. As a Realtor who helps individuals build wealth through

real estate investments, I consider it my responsibility to help my clients see the different ways they can make their investment dreams come true. Results require planning on my part and on the part of my clients. Maybe the client needs some credit repair. Create a plan to heal their credit woes! Maybe the client needs to save for the 20 percent down payment. Set a monthly goal with an end date for when they will be ready to buy their first investment property! Don’t walk away from clients just be- cause all that you can see in the present are their obstacles. Help them overcome them and help yourself in the process! Some obstacles require planning and hard work to overcome. Individuals who are willing to ride things out, regardless of the twists and turns, are the one who get results and show up at the finish line with their trophy in hand. •

Julie Ziglar Norman is a realtor with Prime Properties Realty. She believes in “Investing Simplified,” and may be reached at 817-233-8444 or

114 | think realty magazine :: december 2017

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