As we age, it’s human nature to place arbitrary limitations on ourselves. We say we waited too long to chase dreams, or that we’re too old to start over. This is a particularly scary when we allow that attitude to invade our financial, retirement, and legacy planning which, if you’re reading this magazine, you already know is probably best founded in real estate. Do you put silly limitations on your- self? Do you unnecessarily factor your age into your dream? We all wish we could have started younger or accom- plished more sooner but guess what? Your life is your story - you control the pen and you should write the outcome that fulfills your destiny. Real estate investing offers one of the best opportunities for steady, high

returns with extremely low barriers to entry of any form of investing out there. Whether you are 18 or 80, don’t let the idea that you don’t fit the “magic formu- la” for real estate stop you from getting involved. You have the time. You have the ability. You have the resources (right here). Use them! My friend, NASCAR driver Mor- gan Shepherd, is probably the driver I reference most in my speeches and writing. He is the driver I look up to the most. Like me, his team struggles due to finances and a lack of horsepower (money buys horsepower, tires and the best crew members) but at 74-years old he is as spry as he could be and still tearing up the tracks at most races in the NASCAR XFINITY Series. Before our race last year at the Kansas

Speedway, Morgan grabbed my hands and forced me into a swing dance right there on the driver intro stage. I wish I had half his confidence and joy even to- day! The kid with the most money win- ning the race is not the driver I admire. It’s the driver who has paid his dues, maybe been dealt a bad hand over lack of sponsorship, yet still drives himself to each race and has fun - that’s where I want to be at 74. That’s why I’ve decided that I will never, ever give up. •

Jennifer Jo Cobb is a public speaker, corporate spokesperson and a NASCAR team owner and driver. In addition to racing, she is the founder of Driven-


2Honor (, a non-profit to recognize the efforts and plights of our female military members.

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