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cessful by traditional and nontraditional standards can be if you are willing to play a different game than most. Real estate is hard work, and short sales especially so! How can you tell us the road to success is easy? SHAUN MCCLOSKEY My B.S. sensors go up when I hear someone say success is easy as well, but then I say it myself! The difference is that I really mean it, but I also mean you have to play a different “game” than most people are playing. I’m not saying that you do not have to work or struggle ever, but I’m suggesting that if you have a plan and follow it, your success will not only be attainable but also probably come faster than you think. THINK REALTY MAGAZINE SM As a culture, we have defined success as having a lot of money. I think that is particularly true in real estate investing, where there may be reasons that feel valid to do things like go into debt, try to impress people in order to build your network, or take shortcuts in order to make the time to do more deals. Everyone’s path may be different, but what we all really want is life, freedom, and the ability to do and experience things that provide us with fulfillment. Real estate investing is one of the best routes to this definition of success, but it is also one of the most treacherous because the industry standard of success revolves around having the highest return on investment possible. So are you saying that real estate investing success is not real success? SM Not at all! In fact, because real estate investing is all about having a TRM TRM What does it mean to play “a different game?”

plan and following it, real estate is one of the smoothest routes to my version of success, which might be better called contentment or prosperity, where you have the freedom and resources to live the life you want to live. However, it can be very easy to slip into the habit of defining real estate suc- cess by numbers: numbers of deals done, numbers of houses sold, single- or double-digit numbers

Mailing Campaign,” which consisted of five letters that went out to my tar- get audience of homeowners over the course of 10 days. It was, if I do say so, unbelievable. I was so excited. I worked so hard on it, adding pictures, graphics, and everything I could think of that would make a homeowner comfortable enough to call me. I loved that project.

I did not, however, love mail- ing those letters after I had written them. I hated

on returns, etc. When you let those numbers become your primary focus, it is nearly im- possible to really feel successful because

stuffing envelopes, licking the stamps,

making nice neat piles, and taking those piles to the post office. But I did it, and my phone

even if your numbers are really good, you will be so busy and so tied up in improving the numbers that it is very unlikely you will feel like you have any freedom at all.

started ringing, and my business started working and I was excited because I was starting to real- ly have a lot of chances to help people. Then, the time would come to mail more mailers, and I would dread that morning all week. I got to the point where I complained about those mailers at really inappro- priate times. In the middle of a perfect- ly nice dinner, I would complain to my friends about having to send out these mailers. Fortunately for me, on one such occasion one of my friend’s wives offered to do the mailing for me, and before I knew it I had hired my first marketing assistant and I had about 10 hours a week that were now free for me to use as best suited me, whether that meant creating more marketing materi- als or spending time with my family or something else entirely. Finally, I was on my way to real success. •

“Our goal is to deliver the best risk-adjusted returns possible to investors.” Brew Johnson, Founder and CEO

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Being a real estate investor can either be the most rewarding, exciting, exhil- arating, and fun aspect of your life or it can be the most stressful, time-consum- ing headache you’ve ever been involved in. The key is identifying how the time you are spending is affecting your free- dom and letting that determine your definition of success. Here’s an example: I love real estate because I love cre- ating things. Real estate deals are like snowflakes, and no two deals are exact- ly alike. From the beginning of my real estate career, I’ve loved the marketing angle and creating the materials that go along with it. When I first got started, I knew that sending mailers to a pre-foreclosure list was probably going to be among the easiest and cheapest ways to get my phone ringing, so I sat down and created what I dubbed “The Ultimate



SHORT DURATION 6 to 24 months

Invest as little as $1,000 in a single loan or diversify by building a portfolio of investments across property type, region, maturity date, and loan originator.

*For illustration purposes only, does not reflect actual loans available for investment.

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