might include fewer phone calls but more research on your own. If you can’t tell already, I’m passion- ate about fitness as well as real estate investing. In real estate, the success I achieve is directly correlated to how much work I put in, just like when I run. Sounds like I’ve got it all together, right? Well, I didn’t always see it that way. Let me tell you how this started: I was 16, sitting in the car with my mom, happily texting away, when she asked me to make a call to a mainte- nance man for her. Let’s be honest, I could not be bothered with that tedious task. Couldn’t she see I was texting? I will let you imagine the details of that particularly charming conversation, and fast forward to the part where I

begrudgingly made the call, conveying some important details on massive floods in Waukegan, Illinois, where my mom handled property management for one of her clients. At that time, I had no idea the extent to which that flooding affected Waukeg- an residents. I just relayed the message, got the updates, and sighed. Like most high schoolers, I was mainly concerned with my life and I wasn’t really aware of the world around me unless it directly affected me. But that Saturday, just for a moment, I realized that for entrepre- neurs there are no “days off,” especially when you’re in real estate and there’s flooding. Then I went back to texting, but something had changed inside me. Eight years later, I work full-time with my mother in property management. Yes,

Mom, I’ll say it: My life would be much easier now if I had zoned in instead of zoning out when I was being dragged to all those real estate investor association (REIA) meetings in high school or stuck tagging along on meetings with investors whose rental portfolios we manage to this day. Hindsight, right? My attitude is a lot different these days, and I’m thrilled to be here. Calls on the weekends are to be expected. REIA meetings allow me the opportu- nity to learn and grow my expertise. Turns out, no real “days off ” suits me. •

Jenna Heneghan is the director of busi- ness development at Secure Pay One MLH. She may be reached at jenna-

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Successful real estate investors, like marathon runners, accept that daily “training” is a part of life.

Millennial Moments: No Days Off ZONING IN, NOT OUT, ON REAL ESTATE.

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by Jenna Heneghan


’m Jenna Heneghan, and I’m a 24-year-old property manager. I’ve been working in this industry for nearly eight years now, and every day I learn more about the massive opportunities in real estate. Along the way I’ve learned one other thing: There are no days off.

Now, before you roll your eyes at the lazy Millennial who thinks she needs her days off, hold on! This is not that article. I love real estate, and I’m finding that this industry is perfect for both me and my generation. Let me explain: Starting out in real estate is a lot like

preseason in sports. With real estate, you get what you give, just like in a sport or any other fitness regimen. There are no real days off. “Rest” days during the season in high school meant watching film and reviewing scouting reports. In real estate, your rest day

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