Detroit’s waterways have created massive market potential for the area since colonial times.


etroit, Michigan, has always been a city of extremes. While this perceived volatility might make some real estate investors hesitant about getting involved in the area, Detroit has always rewarded investments driven by numbers and made by passionate Motor City devotees. The entire local economy is a testament to what profound dedication to ideals and consistently objective placement of cold, hard, investment capital can do for an area. “These days, there is revitalization everywhere. It starts in downtown Detroit with the new Red Wing stadium, Little Caesar’s Arena, and four major sports teams all within walking distance of each other, and then it just keeps going,” said Mike Jordan, CEO and founder of Strategy Properties, one of the leading turnkey property developers in the area, and a Detroit native who has been investing in the city since 2002. “Microsoft recently moved their Michigan headquarters to downtown. They’re building a new international bridge to Canada, and 100 of the Fortune 500 compa- nies have offices in Detroit and the surrounding area.” With that development has come rising property values and great excitement about a city that many feared would never recover from the double blows of the housing crash and financial meltdown. It did however, and it’s still growing strong. Think Realty Regional Spotlight: Detroit, Michigan NOW, AS ALWAYS, “THE MOTOR CITY” MARKET IS FULL OF PASSION AND POTENTIAL. by Carole VanSickle Ellis

88 | think realty magazine :: december 2017

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