2023/2024 deBoulle Magazine

Behind the B Inspirations, briefs and backstories about Giorgio B • Giorgio B brings a strong, contemporary Italian de- sign sensibility to the traditional world of precious jewelry, injecting classic jewelry forms with powerful, modernist principles influenced by Italian industrial design. • When Giorgio Bulgari decided the time was right to shape his own collection, the process took two years, from conception to finished jewels. • Giorgio B is stylized and linear yet luscious and vo- luptuous, dramatic yet understated. It is characterized by bold proportions; symmetry or a balance of asym- metry; simplicity of shape and ornamentation; with an opulence that comes not from ornate surface dec- oration, but from generosity of form and volume, and from color and texture. • Influences: Cars, dashboards, watches, modernist furniture, Futurist paintings, 1930s typography, the jewels of Suzanne Belperron and Boivin, 20th-centu- ry industrial design, 1920s Machine Age style, speed, travel, planes, boats, trains, mechanization, factories, 1930s industrial posters. • Giorgio translates ‘rational beauty’ into his jewels. He chooses materials for comfort and practicality, using black ceramic instead of onyx, for example, for an asymmetrical, modernist diamond ring, preferring geometric cuts of gemstones. • Bulgari’s Goccia ring presents a massive, volumi- nous yet streamlined geometric form, while the ban- gle fuses a subtle retro flavor with striking modernity. • The stylized Palma earrings, inspired by 19th-centu- ry botanical prints of palm leaves, play with the light and texture of brushed gold in a way that Bulgari finds more modern than diamonds, their crisp fan-shaped lines exuding intense sun-drenched energy. • Rose gold is Bulgari’s preferred material, compli- mentary to skin and gemstones alike. He also confess- es a proclivity for stones with character, and “warmer colored diamonds,” particularly those from old mines. In the Giorgio B lines, there will also be white gold. Among the recent unique-piece designs is an octago- nal red spinel on an asymmetrical band that has been set in black ceramic, leaving only a gold outline fram- ing the stone. • Overlooking the Old Town of Geneva, the Giorgio B studio is where Giorgio Bulgari gives life to each new design creation. The jewels of Giorgio B are expertly crafted by master goldsmiths in Italy and Switzerland so that their beauty is fully aligned with their function.


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