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dollar contract and the first model to have been on six major American magazine covers in the same month. (Entertainment Weekly called them the Niki Six: the May 1996 covers of Vogue , Allure , Elle , Self , Shape and Marie Claire .) She also was featured on more covers of Seventeen and Allure than any other model then, or since. Taylor has been a television interviewer, launched a fragrance and started a foundation for the advancement of women in business. In an era of here-today-gone-tomorrow celebrity, Taylor continues to be recognized worldwide for her grace, charm and on- camera charisma, as well as her ongoing efforts for the welfare of others. Here, we go behind the beauty to get to know the one and only Niki Taylor just a little bit more. 1) What’s a winter-holiday tradition for you? Holidays have always been about family gatherings! It was certainly easier when we all lived in the same state, but now that we don’t, it takes a bit more planning. Nevertheless, the tradition of getting together will continue! 2) And a summer tradition? Summer has always been about the kids and their

special interests. We always try to plan a trip to discover something new. 3) A book or movie you highly recommend — and why. I watch what the kids want to watch — so it is pretty much Disney and the same goes with books! 4) Summarize being a parent in one sentence. To be a parent means to be always aware and alert, on the one hand, and to have a sense of humor and gratitude, on the other. 5) How do you quickly dress for a party that’s on the glamorous side? A black dress and a nice necklace-and-earring combination.

7) What’s a bucket-list destination to visit?

Because of my work, I’ve been lucky to visit so many great places, so now I’d like to see more of this great nation when possible — nowhere in particular and everywhere in general.

8) Are you beach or m ountains? Beach!

BASILISK COLLAR Emerald eyes, diamonds (6.70 ctw.) adorn the head and tail, set on an oversized curb chain in 18K yellow gold. SERPENT COIL BRACELET Emerald eyes, diamonds (5.84 ctw.) adorn the head and the tail in 18K yellow gold.

9) What friends mean to you. Life. 10) A piece of jewelry that you’ve had forever. My wedding ring.


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