Columns Monthly – July 2022

A Strange Recession – 3.5% Unemployment & Many Jobs Open, Big Tech Big Layoffs (2) NYT: It’s Not Recession Yet (nyt$) Troubling Startup Layoffs China Escalates, White House Summons China’s Ambassador China Cuts Vital U.S. Contacts Taiwanese Who Will Fight, And Won’t Amazon Mapping Your Home Interior, Buys Roomba NY Polio Suggests Community Spread

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Source: Adnan Abidi This Photo Says It All, India Finances Russia’s War Long Term

Source: News India Reviews U.S. Steps Up Its Pacific Game, U.S. Asymmetrics (2) How U.S. & EU Will Benefit From India-Russia Oil Trade

Source: Regent Craft Electric Planes Could Soon Serve Hawaii

Source: UN /Axios World’s Most Populated Countries To 2050 Moving Mississippi Water To The West – LakeTexas™

Source: Fortune Meta, Facebook, Insta And Zuck In Real Trouble Kim: 100,000 N. Korea Soldiers Will Fight In Ukraine For Russia




Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Neuroscience, And The Beta 3AI™ Project

Inflation Bites, Uber Adds 31% More Drivers

U.S. Declares Mpox Public Health Emergency

Robinhood Slammed By Crypto Enforcement

Try One Yourself – The MIT Brain (AI) Course (1:10s)

Oil Falls To Pre-Ukraine Low, Surprise Gasoline Build

CVS Beats Earnings, Ups 2022 Forecast 2:05

At What Price & PE, If Any, Is Meta A Buy?

VW Starts Self-Driving Production, Orders $4B Of Lidar From Israel

What Does Meta Want To Sell Bond Debt Now?

CVS Primary Care Medical Services This Year

Where Alexa Is Headed

U.S. 500,000 EV Charging Network Takes Shape – Sprite™ InLineAI™ BJYFederal™

Adderall Becomes A Street Drug

UCSD’s ALS Gene Therapy

Meta Sued For Giving Hospitals A Tool, Then Collecting Personal Medical Data

Wildfire Season Is Now All Year

Toyota – Panasonic Battery JV To Mine Lithium In Nevada

Source: NPR Alex Jones Owes $49.3 Million For Sandy Hook Defamation

Source: Davide Ortolan Retinal Cell Map Could Advance Precise Therapies For Blinding Diseases

How To Maximize You Limit With Each Credit Card Issuer

Calling Sandy Hook A Hoax Was Costly For Alex Jones

Zuckerberg Top Execs Desert, Walls Crumbling.

Source: Science Solved: Juvenile Hepatitis Caused By Dual Viral Infections

Apple Replaces The iPhone With … (econ$)

Twitter’s Unsolvable Problems.

Volcano Erupts Near Iceland’s Capital Reykjavik

Metaverse Drops Into The Deep Freeze

Source: Johns Hopkins University AI Predicts If, And When, Someone Will Have Cardiac Arrest

Microwaving Reduces Purines

Robinhood Lays Off Quarter Of Staff

Source: CCTV China Conducts ‘Precision Missile Strikes’ In Taiwan Strait

Tijuana Tar Balls Headed North To La Jolla & Beaches, Again

Greece Rolls Out Their Digital Wallet

AI Algorithm Can Detect Autism In Brain Fingerprints

So Brains Change After Midnight

Path To Developing Alzheimer’s Therapy

Yes, Again, A Pathogen Goes Exponential, When It Could Have Been Stopped

So You Think AI Isn’t Spooky

Improving AI In Health Care

AI Super-Resolution Localization Photoacoustic Imaging Of Blood Vessels

Source: Reuters Go Nancy!

Source: SeekingAlpha AMD Follows Intel Warning PC Market In Decline

AI Processes Brain Electrical Activity To Diagnose Depression

200 Coaches & Players On College Football’s Future

New York Times Front Page

How Memories Are Classified As Either Good Or Bad

AOC & Progressives: IRS Going Beast Mode On Audits Of Middle Class (op)

Wall Street Journal Front Page

Source: TU Wien

Vagus Nerve Stimulation Treats Covid Suffering

Artificial Intelligence Edges Closer To The Clinic

The Most Expensive HS Football Stadiums In Texas, Starting At $42 Million


Study Of 72 Million Reveals Path To Prosperity – It’s Social

CHIPS Act Give Power To Dept. Of Commerce

Source: ACS Publication Ditching The Toothbrush For Whiter Teeth

Source: Pixabay Gender Bias Revealed In AI Tools Screening For Liver Disease

How Ukraine Can Minimize War Attrition (econ$)

Source: Xiaomi Xiaomi’s Mijia Smart Glasses

Neighborhood May Affect A Couple’s Odds Of Conceiving

U.S. Tech Ban On China Didn’t Work (nyt$)

Elon Reports Commodity Prices Moving Down For Tesla

DAILY U.S. COVID DEATHS, 7D AVG: Aug 3 2022 - 463 Aug 3 2021 - 415

Wall St. IPOs, M&A, Issuances, And Bonuses Get Chopped

Big Tech Just Told Us How Deep Economic Upheaval Is

Counties & States Begin Mpox Emergencies (2)

The Best 21 Minutes On Putin – He’s Weaker Than You Think 21:03

EV Tax Credits Likely Return, Up To $40,000 eTruck Credit

Did You Know The U.S. Has A Critical Teacher Shortage?

Facebook & Zuckerberg A World Disaster (op)(nyt$)

Crime Or Sham – College Fi Aid

FTC Sues Facebook (Meta) To Stop Multiverse (nyt$)

Source: Eindhoven University of Technology AI Could Save Radiation Therapists And Radiation Oncologists AI Natural Language Processing Goes Exponential, As Bill Gates Said It Would

First of 850 Capitol Riot Defendants Gets 7 Years

Investors Exit Emerging Markets

Big Tech Is America’s Big Weapon (wsj$)

Real Reason Mortgage Rates Dropping

Source: MIT /AP Wildfire Suppression Has Failed And Will Continue To – Here’s An Answer

SEC vs Ripple Nears End, Why It Matters For Crypto

The EU Begins Sanctions Reduction

Will Lawyers Represent AIs?

Young Boys Missing In UK-Funded Syrian Jails

Harvard On Addiction: 5 Action Steps To Help A Loved One (2)

Solana Crypto Wallets Drained (2)

Columns Monthly – June 2022 Flipbook

Wildfires Nationwide

Columns Monthly – May 2022 Flipbook

1,000s In New York May Be Polio Infected

Columns™ 1Y Odds: 1 in 25 Of Thermonuclear WWIII

Swiss Lab For CBR BSL4 Work – “WHO’s First” – BJYFederal™

Men’s Probability Of Outliving Women

Source: DeepMind DeepMind AI Has Predicted Almost Every Protein Medically Known (3)

Source: SEO Shopify Fires 10 Percent Of Its Workforce Via Email

U.S. To Block China’s Access To Advanced Chip Design

Source: Journal of Experimental Medicine Brain’s Drainage & Healing System In 3D

Source: Visual Capitalist Russian Oil May Fall By Half Without West’s Tech (op)

Source: Ryuji Kato AI Analyzes Neuron Changes To Detect Whether Drugs Are Effective

Source: GM Chevy Bolt – Best EV Value, Plus $7,500 Credit

Path To Developing Alzheimer’s Therapy

The Rise, Fall, Stock Crash & Lessons of Snapchat^ 12:23

U.S. & Japan Joint Chip Plan

La Jolla Cove From Pier Swim Reopens After 2 Years

Source: Tosei General Hospital AI Performance Analyzing Lung Disease

Source: McDonalds McDonalds Plant-Based Meat Test Didn’t Go So Well (x ab)

Bill Details: F-150L & Tesla $7,500 Federal Point Of Sales Credit, All EV Tax Credits

Source: WSJ Recession Pronouncements Are Always Late (wsj$)

Mental Illness Indicators Caught By Advanced AI In Brain Imaging

If Booster Eligible Do It Now . . . Or September? (2)

Avg Startup Seed Round Now $12M Up From $9M

AI Saves One Hour Of Daily Chest CT Interpretation (red)

French Say Coastal Russian River CA Vineyard Solid Investment

Accurate Diagnosis Of Brain Tumors Using AI

Don’t Miss West Colorado

Users Don’t Like Insta And Facebook Changes 7:59^

AI May Help Spot Relapse Risk In Alcoholics

Forbes: Time To Delete Your Facebook Account 15:07

New AI Screening Tool For Suicidal Risk

Source: AP Russia Declares Ukrainian Military Unit A Terrorist Group

A Literature Review Of Non-Compressor A/C And Heat Pumps - BJYmep™ (2)

Bill Gates Funds Non-Compressor Absorption A/C Startup $25M

China In A Real Mess, And True Cause Of Taiwan Aggression (op)

Apple’s 2Q22 Profit Declines 11%

How We Helped China Take Much Of Latin America In 10 Years (op)

Car Makers (Wrongly) Claim Recession- Proof

OpenDoor’s iBuyer Was Fraudulent, FTC Fines, Full Complaint Here (2)

Source: Unsplash AI Diagnoses Mild Cognitive Impairment That Progresses To Alzheimer’s

Source: MIT MIT’s Postage Stamp Continuous Ultrasound Imaging Sticker (2)

Battery Streak’s New Car Battery Tech

House Price Will Fall, Austin First (op)

$200B Of $280B Federal Tech Funding Is “AI First” (nyt$)

Covid Immunity Measured By Antibody Testing

Germany May Keep Nuclear Power – Good Idea

Non-Profit Donor Fundraising (It’s 80% Individuals)

NYC & SF Declare Mpox Emergency

These 21 Of 50 House Market Prices Declined In June

Iron Buildup In Brain Linked To Higher Risk For PD & Movement Disorders

Non-Profit Operating Revenue (It’s 80% Govt & Fees For Services)

Home Depot Founder Says U.S. In Recession, He Should Know

Having Kids Around Might Shield You From Severe Covid

Never Submit A Cold Grant – First The Program Officer (2)

Source: Colorado’s Tortuga AgTech /LA Times Robotic Hydroponic Strawberries In California, Works In Texas & Elsewhere Also (2)

California Exodus, SF & LA Too Expensive, Crime

Quicker Way To Treat Patients With Substance Use Disorder^

Top AI Sites To Follow 2022

Some AI Startups 2022

Rumors Of Russia’s Survival Greatly Exaggerated

DAILY U.S. COVID DEATHS, 7D AVG: Aug 1 2022 - 440 Aug 1 2021 - 362

Russia Loses Key Kherson Bridgehead

Can Restaurants Go Tip Free?

McDonalds & Chipotle Losing Customers

Source: Bloomberg

Bank Of England Set For Biggest Interest Rate Rise In 27 Years

U.S. To Block New Intel & TSMC Plants In China (2)

Apple Pay May Work On Chrome, Edge, Firefox in iOS 16 (2)

Source: WSJ N.California 52,000+ Acre Wildfire 0% Contained, Thousands Flee, Here We Go Again 0:41

Source: Okayama University AI For The Accurate Diagnosis Of Neoplasia

Source: Gfycat U.S. Corporations Own Around 30% Of Ukrainian Arable Land

AI Predicts Ideal Patients For Spinal Cord Stimulation

…More On N.California Mckinney Wildfire – Maps, Video

India Withdraws Data Protection Bill

Pfizer Variant Booster This Fall

Source: Rideapart Vietnam’s VinFast To Make eSUVs & “eVespas” In U.S.

Evusheld 2-Antibody Access For Immunocompromised

Long Covid Takes Millions Out Of U.S. Workforce

Snapchat Subscriptions Working – SnApp™^

Source: Lancet AI Predicts Race From Medical Images

Mpox U.S. Emergency, Exponential 5,189 Cases

Instagram’s Achilles Heel

Stallantis Books $8B Profit 1H22

Activity, Disease & Dementia

Source: NuScale U.S. Certifies First Small, Modular Nuclear Power Plant – It’s A Really Big Deal

Crypto’s SEC Nightmare Has Arrived

Your Vagus Nerve And Brain Learning

Discord – Better Than Instagram? – SnApp™

Govt Secures 66M Doses of Moderna Variant Vax For Fall

Source: Amo et al New Link Between Dopamine-Based Reward Learning And Machine Learning (2)

MIT: Why Not To Trust Facebook

What’s Growing In Austin’s Town Lake

Your Car Collects Your Private Data

…More On Strawberries (2)

AI Identifies Cancer Cells

Flexible Silicon Solar Cells – PVTS™

India Confirms First Asian Monkeypox Death

Commercial Flexible, Lightweight Solar Panels - PVTS™ (2)

Red Meat, Gut Microbiome, And Cardiovascular Disease In Older Adults

Source: SUN Xi Amassing Invasion Force Across From Taiwan, Vows “Fight To Death”

Source: TPP China’s TikTok Files Trademark For Music Streaming App

Source: Cirrus Safe, And World’s Most Popular Small Jet

Source: Unsplash Role Of Gut Microbiota In Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Source: Arnd Kleyer and Lukas Folle AI Neural Network Learns To Differentiate Between Healthy And Inflamed Bones

Elon Has An Original Solution For America’s Division

AI Businesses Boom With Military Contracts

China Again Warns Of Military Action Over Taiwan, Taipei Prepares

Source: Apple Apple To Show Ads On The App Store’s Today Tab

Brit: If Putin Goes Nuclear (And China Invades Taiwan)

U.S. In Recession But Wikipedia Can’t Decide

Source: Tufts University Common Viruses May Be Triggering The Onset Of Alzheimer’s^^

An Economist: “Absolutely Sure” Not In Recession

Stem Cell-Based Therapy For Blindness

SEC To Delist China’s Alibaba, Charlie Munger Won’t Be Happy

Exxon, Chevron, Shell, Total Blowout Earnings

Source: Tam Nguyen Google Postpones Demise Of Cookies To 2024

What Joe Manchin Got For $433 Billion

Twitter Blue Now Costs $4.99 Per Month

What’s In The $433B Climate Bill

Source: Pixabay Plant-Based Meat Healthier Than Animal Products

Source: NYU’s Center for Data Science Radiologists vs AI – Differences In Breast-Cancer Screenings

DAILY U.S. COVID DEATHS, 7D AVG: July 31 2022 - 427

ECG AI Predicts Undiagnosed Structural Heart Disease

July 31 2021 - 354

Electric Zap Tricks Our Brains Into Reducing Salt Intake

Source: Intel America Has Chip Design Supremacy, But Must Lead Chip Manufacturing (3)

Source: Visual News Al Qaeda Leader Ayman al-Zawahri Killed By U.S. Drone (2)

Source: Pixabay Strawberries May Fend Off Alzheimer’s (2)

Source: National Cancer Institute Melanoma Thickness Equally Hard For AI, Algorithms And Dermatologists To Judge

Southwest’s Air Miles Don’t Expire

Roaches Not Likely To Spread Covid

Surprising Poll Of What Americans Think Of Texas

AI Predicts Patient Deterioration

On Elon Buying Disney

AI Helps Assess Psoriasis Severity

As Winnie The Pooh, Disney Losing Mickey Mouse Rights?

OpenAI’s DALE-E For Artists, Developers, Publishers

Americans Not Aging Out Of Massive Student Loans

AI Helps Writers Write

Source: NYT Meta May Not Remain Healthy

MIT: How Our Neurons Communicate

Most U.S. F-35s Grounded

Source: HealthDay More Young Americans Are Dying Of Heart Failure

AI Brain Imaging Shows Dynamic Mental Illness

INFOWARS Files Bankruptcy

Intel The Big Winner In $52 Billion Chip Bill

Links Between Facial Recognition And Alzheimer’s Disease

New Registry Of U.K. Overseas Property Owners

Deep Learning Predicts Glaucoma Vision

…More On Samsung’s $200 Billion Potential 11 Austin Area Chip Plants (2)

AI App More Accurate Than Patient Evaluation Of Stool Samples

DAILY U.S. COVID DEATHS, 7D AVG: July 28 2022 - 426 July 28 2021 - 301

Federal Home Solar Funding – SUNz™

Ford’s Dividend, 2Q22 Strong Earnings & Revenue

Types Of APIs For Coders

Apple Buys San Diego $445M Campus

Source: Jim Bourg/Reuters

U.S. Targets Chinese, UAE Firms In New Iran Oil Sanctions

Jack Ma Cedes Control Of Ant Group

Source: Elkus Manfredi Architects Massive 950,000sf Texas Medical Center Construction (TMC3)

Source: Institute For Protein Design Biologists Train AI To Generate Medicines And Vaccines

Source: Hacker News Microsoft Finds Spyware In Adobe

Source: SocialNews.XYZ European Countries Turn Back To Coal, Fast

UCSD Defines & Lab Tests New All- Variant SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine


Michael & Susan Dell: (2)

We Have Learned More About Macular Degeneration

Charles E. Butt:

Treatment Of Age Macular Degeneration (2)


Teva Pharma Paying $4.25 Billion Opioid Settlement

Source: South China Morning Post CHINA & U.S. WARSHIPS FACEOFF


Source: Visual Capitalist Columns: It’s Fuel Cells For Semi- Trucks But Batteries For Cars, SUVs & Light Trucks

Source: AccuWeather Philippines Magnitude 7 Earthquake

Laura and John Arnold: The Cullen family: (2) Gary & Silva Crum: (2) (3) (4)

Alzheimer’s-Defying Brain Offer Clues To Treatment And Prevention Of Dementia Rapid Loss Of Smell Predicts Dementia And Smaller Brain Areas Linked To Alzheimer’s

Tariffs Fail To Jumpstart U.S. Solar Panel Manufacturing

GOOG Search, “Free” Apps Revenue Holds Up

Source: AP First Grains Ship Leaves Ukraine For Lebanon

The Hobby family:

We Love You T-Mobile (Google Fi & John Stanton Too)

Nancy and Rich Kinder:

Eutelsat, OneWeb Brace & Unite To Compete SpaceX

Jan Duncan:

Phoebe & Bobby Tudor: (2)


Today It’s 10X To 30X More Cost To Recycle Solar Panels vs Landfill

The Mithoff family:

Meta & Zuck Under Earnings & Revenue Stress (op)

The Ansary family:

Source: University of Bonn Covid: New Energy For Flagging Immune Cells

The Chao family:

Cocoa & Chocolate Reduce Blood Pressure^

The Moody family:

Mindy and Jeffrey Hildebrand:

Source:Austin Board Of Relators Austin Home Prices May Decline Soon

Eggs Are Great For Health – No Matter What You’ve Heard 10:08

Lester and Sue Smith:

Austin Home Prices Being Slashed

Air Pollution & Dementia

Cherie and Jim Flores:

U.S. Formally Enters Recession

A Clue? U.S. Leads World In Mpox Cases

Tilman and Paige Fertitta:

Summers: We Have Entered Years Of Recession, Unemployment Coming 9:40

Weed And Generalized Anxiety Disorder

The Sakowitz and Wyatt families:

Genetics & The Never Covid Infected

The Climate Bill Is All-In For Drilling, Boon For Oil & Gas

The Cockrell family:

Source: Google Google Map’s New Flyover-Like Aerials

REM Sleep Disturbances And Drug Relapse

Kathrine (John) McGovern:

Will U.S. Go Nuclear If China Sinks A U.S. Carrier? (2)

The Herzstein Family:

U.S. Carrier Task Force Enters Disputed S. China Sea

AI Speeds Sepsis Detection, Prevents Deaths

China Goes Live-Fire Around Taiwan

Suicide Prediction Method Combines AI And Face-To-Face Screening

Source: Mercedes Mercedes 747 Mile EV

China Is A Greater War Risk Than Russia (2) China Has A Superior First Strike Ability (op) 6:19 (2)

AI In Biotech, Medical & Healthcare Advancing Very Fast, Doctors & Industries Upended


AI & Stem Cells Predict Cardiac Arrhythmias

Source: NIH Human Lung Proteins Can Advance Or Thwart Covid Infections

Columns 2/24/2022: China May Invade Taiwan Sooner And Concurrently With

Ukraine Invasion

Gaming Time Has Little Effect On Short-Term Mental Health

What China Says About War

DAILY U.S. COVID DEATHS 7D AVG: July 26 2022 - 432 July 26 2021 - 275

Russia Claims Anti-HIMARS Weapon

China Has A Belt And Road Debt, Real Estate And Bank Crisis

World Health Org Recognizes Video Addiction, Finally

American Faces Political Violence

Source: Pew /Axios GenZ Is Reshaping Social Media – SnApp™

Long Covid Still A Mystery, Affects U.S. Tens Of Millions (hc$)

Biden, 80 In Nov, Has Covid Again, Back To Isolation (2)

Source: MURA dataset Some Radiographers “Unsure” Of AI Interpreting X-Rays

Social Media In Massive Era Shift^

Stress, Unhealthy Beliefs, Poor Cognition, And Medical Disorders

Instagram Makeover Getting Worse – SnApp™

Framework’s Upgradable Laptop – NoteBook Computer™

Source: VinFast The VinFast Story (2)

Another Texas Town Runs Out Of Water

Source: RCSI New Heart Model For Heart Failure

The Texas Drought Of 2022 2 Videos 12:59 & 9:28 - LakeTexas™

Source: KIST Quick And Accurate Diagnosis With Artificial Tactile Neurons

CRISPR Technology Success In Preventing Covid

Source: Oleg Obleukhov, Ahmad Byagowi Meta Wants No Leap Second (2)

Texas Towns Running Out Of Water (2)

How To Get 5 Things Medicare Doesn’t Cover & How To Get Covered – Long Term Care, Vision, Dental, Hearing, Full Annual Routine 10:16

Austin Area’s Jacobs Well Stops Flowing

Walmart (and Others) Way Overstocked, Here Are Some Deals

Scorching Heat Burns Crops, No HEB Corn For Weeks

Source: University Of Hong Kong AI-Designed Single Molar Dental Prostheses

Source: Google Google Docs Getting Better On Android Tablets

Bot Dog Learns How To Walk

If VW’s Herman Diess Goes To Tesla Berlin 5:28

You Gotta See This Bot Dog Learn How To Walk 1:40

…And The Supporting Research Paper

How The Brain Keeps The Urge To Act In Check

Source: Accu Weather Chinese Space Rocket Debris Crashes Back To Earth

Prince Charles Accepted £1M From Family Of Osama Bin Laden

Source: GM Chevy’s 577HP Blazer EV

Pelosi Meets Singapore Leaders At Start Of Asia Tour

Source: Ivan Gromicho AI Helps Diagnose Post-Covid Lung Problems

Biden Approval Rating Falls To New Low, Again

Source: AP Yosemite National Park Wildfire Out Of Control, Grows (2)

AI Is Becoming Part Of Us

Pelosi Going To Taiwan, Is Xi’s Stern Warning To Biden All Bluster

Science Education Will Change

Lower Blood Pressure With Flax Seeds & Beets (2)

Spotting Parkinson’s Disease Through AI

China Has A Belt And Road Debt, Real Estate And Bank Crisis

Source: Ford Ford Makes A Major EV Battery Move

…More Foods That May Lower BP: Oatmeal, Cinnamon, Walnuts, Watermelon, Garlic, Salmon, Yams, Berries, White Beans, Broccoli, Kale, Spinach, Dark Coco, Bananas 8:44

Putin Has Lost 75,000, Half Of His 150,000 Troops, Putin’s Has Exit Plan If Ukraine War Fails

Ford Moves To Far Safer, Lower Cost Iron LFP Batteries

Ford Now Has Enough Batteries To Make EVs Profitable

China’s Leaders Fall Silent On Hitting GDP Growth Target

Evidence Rejecting Beets Lower Blood Pressure

VW Ousts CEO Herbert Diess, Big Blow To VW EVs

Foods Your Kidneys Appreciate (2)

Warren Continues To Buy OXY (2)

Source: Nagoya City University Automating Renal Access In Kidney Stone Surgery Using AI

What’s Behind Warren’s Massive Oil Buy

4 Of Warren’s Dividend Stocks

Source: AP U.S. To Fill Border Wall Gaps In Arizona For Safety Reasons

Why Warren Loves Apple

Source: HuffPost

Apple Chip Expert Leaves Company To Join Samsung

Japan’s Sakurajima Volcano Erupts

Science That 3rd Covid Dose Is Crucial To Fighting New Variants

Weak Handgrip Strength May Signal Serious Health Issues

Link Between Frequent Naps And High Blood Pressure

Source: Medium AI Quantifies Human Consciousness

People With New Jobs Are Making Way More Money

AI Is Shaking Up The Workplace

Source: Amazon Amazon’s Self-Driving Taxi Near Launch

AI Is Becoming Part Of Us

LLMs – Massive Neural Nets Learn From Free Text – Books, Wiki, Reddit, etc.

Amazon Wants To Be Your Doctor

Crypto, And NFT, Operators Going To Jail

Recession: U.S. Economy Shrank 0.9% 2Q22

Solar Is Keeping The Texas Grid Up (wp$)

Source: Optica AI-Based Image Analysis Detects Serious Heart Condition

GEN. Miley Warns Of China

China’s Digital Yuan Bogs Down

Biden: U.S. Will Defend Taiwan

Twitter Is A House Of Cards^

AI Detects Autism Speech Patterns Across Different Languages

Turkey Claims Sweden & Finland Not Fulfilling NATO Deal

Snap Inc. Loses $69 Billion Value In One Day

Early Prediction Of Diabetes Using AI

Why U.S. Infrastructure Costs Are Twice China’s

Twitter Loses $270 Million In 2Q22

AI Diagnoses Birth Defect In Fetal Ultrasound Images

UCSD, UCSC, UC Expanding Online & Summer Students

Fed Raises 0.75%, It’s Now 2.5% (2)

A Robot Learns To Imagine Itself

Source: USDA How USDA Organic Food Is Actually Organic

The Autonomous Sequence: Swift™ Drones, L4 Vehicles, L5 Boats, L5 Sprite™, L5 Vehicles

Senate: China’s CCP Attempted To Infiltrate Fed For A Decade

UCSD Study: Global Supply Chain Likely To Survive

Ride-Hailing Giant DiDi Fined $1 Billion – That’s A Lot

Ukraine’s Kherson Counter-Offensive Gains

Source: Rice University

Wireless Activation Of Targeted Brain Circuits In Less Than One Second

Artificial Intelligence In Dentistry

Artificial Intelligence In Drug Design

Source: Prosperoware T-Mobile To Pay $350M Over 2021 Data Breach

Teaching AI To Ask Clinical Questions

Source: AFP Iraqi Protesters Storm Parliament Against P.M. Nominee

Meta Open Sources 200 Language AI Translator

Source: Unsplash Nasal Sprays Essential To Thwart Variants

Your Mind Has Ancestors’ Memories

SRRI Antidepressants Don’t Work - Definitive Study (2)^

Harvard: Exercise Reduces Depression Risk, Improves Life (4)

Source: Amazon Amazon Delivers With Rivian EV, Orders 100,000

Source: Siemens AI In Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging

Source: JetBlue JetBlue To Buy Spirit For $3.8 Billion

Google Aims To Beat Apple, Begins Public Testing AR Glasses Again

…More On Exercise & Depression, Anxiety (2)

Spiking Neural Networks With Solid Biological Plausibility

Some Say Chip Shortages Not Improving

BLOOM: Inside The Radical New Project To Democratize AI

Sat: Lake Mead, Las Vegas Water, Still Falling And Lowest Since 1937

Real Reason For China’s Zero Covid Policy Is Absolute Control Of Personal Mobility & Protests 18:43

…More On 4 AI Trends – It’s Scale

Alzheimer’s Research Fraud May Have Cost Millions Of Lives

Source: Houston Chronicle 20 Coming Major Houston Venues – TMC3, Spaceport At Ellington, Memorial City Mall, Zoo Expansion, 16 More

Artificial Intelligence in Cardiovascular Medicine

China Deploys Tanks Against Bank Protesters

New Zealand Covid Deaths At Record Level

GenZ Searches Instagram Not Google, It’s Significant – SnApp™

LA Doubles Down On Indoor Masking

Google Is Reinstating App Permissions

Spain’s 35,000 Acre Wildfire Still Burning

International Study Identifies Risks For Long Covid In Children

Depression Linked To Consuming An Inflammatory Diet^

– Bonefish The Florida Keys –

Source: GAF GAF Building 2nd Nailable Solar Shingle Factory

Source: WSJ Top 300 Small Cities With Strong Economies (wsj$)

In Crypto & NFT Bankruptcy, “Your” Account Funds Are Not Yours

Source: Hailpoint – 115 In Texas –

Source: Bacancy AI-Chatbots Meaningfully Promote Health-Lifestyle Changes

GM Downgraded, “Vehicle Prices Will Fall”, Tesla’s Also


Earnings Up, Stocks Up Yesterday

Meta Made Fact-Checking AI To Help Verify Wikipedia Citations (dup)

Biden, 79, Has Covid

India’s Pandemic Education Bubble Pops, It’s Back To Basics

Source: Rystad Recycled Solar Panels $174M Now To $80B/Y – SUNz™

MIT: U.S. & NATO AI Scaleups & AI Military Budgets Will Balloon – BJYFederal™, YLabs™


Charlie’s Outlook, He’s Not Worried^

Upper Middle Class & The Economy Next 5 Years^

…More on Biden’s Covid Infection (nyt$)

Calculating Capital Gains Tax On Your Home Sale

Improving AI Solutions For Medical Diagnosis

Ukraine Takes Out Key Bridge, Russia Hobbled (2)

Covid Vaccine Using Modified Bacterial DNA

Amazon Suing Facebook Admins

Fintech Valuations Down Half A Trillion Dollars

Banks Share Everything About You & Your Money (wsj$)

Instagram Is Terrible – Friends And Shared Photos Lose, Ads Win – SnApp™ (wp$)

Builders Struggle To Sell New Homes 2:40

Andreessen Horowitz (& BJY) Moving HQ To Cloud

Source: Alzheimer's & Dementia Early Alzheimer’s Detection Up To 17 Years In Advance

China Tightens Stranglehold On Its Big Tech For Political Control

Largest International Case Series Of Confirmed Monkeypox Cases

Source: Arxiv AI VR Poses From Humans

How China’s Online Influencers Went Dark

AI Algorithm Writes Academic Article About Itself

How Peter Thiel Views Civilization, Truth vs Illusion (op)

An Argument We Are Not Living In A Simulation

AI2’s Prior Team Introduces Unified-IO

Deep Neural Networks For Medical Image Segmentation

Deep Hybrid Models For Out-Of- Distribution Detection


July 21 2022 - 427 July 21 2021 - 273 (nyt$)

Source: Bloomberg China’s Top Chipmaker Possible Breakthrough

Source: JSource Calls To Ban TikTok In Australia Grows

Home Prices In A Long Fall, Or Deep Freeze

Why Is The U.S. Press Not Reporting Irish-China INHALED Covid Vaccine Results?

Source: Stanford Stanford’s Latest AI (“Fake”) Face Generator, EG3D

Consumer Brand Giants Won’t Drop Prices Soon

Editing Our Cholesterol Gene Is A Short Term U.S. Goal

Future AI Unveils Sallie – “Software That Thinks”

$10,000 /mo Traveling Nurse Bubble Bursts

AI Application To Fetal Brain MRI

China’s Industrial Profits Rise In June

X-Risk Analysis For AI Research

MIT: A Single Memory Is Stored Across Many Connected Brain Regions

Applied AI Is Boosting Crop Yields – BJYAg™

Source: Cytonics New Curative Treatment for Osteoarthritis (OA) — A Debilitating Disease

Applied AI Learns Chemistry

Souce: Alphabet (GOOG) Wing Wing’s Drone Carries 7 Pounds, Delivering in DFW Now

Only 5% Of Britons Have A/C, Hottest Day In Entire History, More Coming

The Path Towards Autonomous Machine Intelligence

Source: AP Russia To Opt Out Of International Space Station

Drone Highways Are A Thing – Swift™

Yet Another Reason Not To Eat Sodium Nitrate Foods

Deep Neural Networks And Image Classification In Biological Vision

Google Wallet Rolls Out, With Google Pay – CASH Ww™ (2)

We Need More Treatments For Mild /Long Covid

Predictive Coding For Deep Neural Networks

Investors Google Search Ford En Masse

Mayo: BA.5 Hyper-Contagious, ICUs Up 18%, Variants Won’t Stop, So Vax & Mask, – 25:21

CDC: Over 50, It’s Critical To Get Boosted^

What Makes BA.5 More Dangerous

Monoclonal Antibody Bebtelovimab Effective For Omicron Variants

Source: Oura Oura Bluetooth Ring & Strava – iRing™

Source: Varsha Sreenivasan & Devarajan Sridharan GPUs Discover Human Brain Connectivity

Yes, New Covid Variant Vaccines This Fall

Why You Need More Than One Pitch Deck, F2F & Email – SPF609

Sleep Is Critical For Your Heart (& Brain, Kidneys)

The VC Federal AI Project Management Opportunity – BJYFederal

Alzheimer’s Gut & Genetic Risk Mechanisms Better Understood (2)

Twitter Is The World Nervous System For News, And Its Problems – SnApp™

Source: U.S. Census Teacher’s Pay Gap In 4 Visuals

Two Or Three Covid Vaccines Cut Long Term Covid & Death

Some Brands Should Tweet, Some Not – SPF609, SnApp™

New Vaccine Superior For Omicron Variants

How To Long Tweet – SnApp™

Mobile Only Snapchat Adding Subscription Video Desktop Service - SnApp™ (2)

New Evidence Of Key Mechanism In Alzheimer’s

Source: Arxiv Explaining Deep Neural Networks With Explanation Supervision

Genetic Architecture Underlying Alcohol, Cigarette Abuse

TikTok Caused Instagram To Go Video – SnApp™

Some Falling Food Prices!

U.S. COVID DEATHS 7D AVG: July 19 2022 - 425 July 19 2021 - 273

MIT: LaCun On 3 AI Paths To AGI (2)

Scaling Your Startup Or Scaleup During The Recession And VC Vacation – SPF609

4 Major AI Research Trends

Massive Heatwave In U.S. Central And Southwest Plains

WSJ: AI Hype Not Always Fact

Alzheimer’s Breakthrough: Genetic Link To Gut Disorders Confirmed

AI Training Time Decreasing Exponentially

We Said Covid Was’t Over – It’s Novel

AI Discovers New Family Of Genes In Gut Bacteria (2)

Source: Nuro

Source: Flickr

Houston’s Nuro AVs & Walmart, CVS, BYD – Sprite™

– Hamilton Pool, Austin TX –

Covid Infection And Long Covid Remain Dangerous

AI Automated Diagnosis Of Neurological Disorders

You Won’t Believe This About Tesla :46

Diabetes: A Step Closer To A Life Without Insulin

Artificial Intelligence In Neuro- Ophthalmology

S.Korea Tests Digital Currency With Commercial Banks

Covid Infection Doubles Risk Of Mental Health And Financial Problems In Older Adults

Artificial Intelligence In Paediatric Neuroradiology

Tesla Cybertruck’s Huge Advantages Over Ford’s Lightning

U.S. COVID DEATHS 7D AVG: July 18, 2022 - 420 July 18, 2021 - 273

What A Start Engine AI Money Raise Looks Like

2 Stocks Paying 8% Yield

Source: Knight Frank On Lake Como, $1.5M

Google AI: Fluent Speech Is Not Fluent Thought

Kyle Bass On Cash 20:14

Our Constitution’s Clear Path To Election Integrity

iPhone App Subscriptions Now Make More Money Than Games^

Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare And Medical Imaging

Russian Army In “Dire Shape”, U.S. GPS Rockets Devastating

Ukraine Begins Major Counter Offensive, And Xi May Think China Must Go Kinetic Now 5:01


Summers: Long Recession Likely 6:16

Price Of Oil Key To Inflation (op)

Source: Jeff Wilson Reelin’ In At My Laguna Madre Cabin

Biden Energy Policy Is Incredible Disregard And Lack Of Planning

Source: Pubs AI Diagnostic Performance For Fractures On Radiographs.

Intel Price-Hike Plans

If You Have An Interest In Oil 18:16

Judge: “Elon Must Close Twitter Deal”

AI – Preparing For Radiology’s Future

8 Countries Where Your USD Goes 5X Further

What Your Lidar iPhone 13 Can Do (2)

Source: UT News UT: E-Tattoo Monitors Blood Pressure Continuously (2)

Texas Billionaires Dunn & Wilks Fund Far Right

Turn You Old Mac Or PC Into A Modern Chromebook – ChromeOS Flex^

Gingrich: GOP 5-6 Senate, 40-70 House Seats (op)

Your Risk Is Long Covid Not Death 4:33

Claim: This Auto Stock Better Than Ford

Wildfires Burn France And Spain To The Beaches

Abbott vs O’Rourke Tightens

Claim: These 7 EV Auto Stocks Better Than Tesla

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Has Covid, Again

Warren Points Out How To Value Invest For Inflation – VIC608

Pakistan May Default On Its Sovereign Debt

Bumble, SnApp & Tinder Doing Booming $4B Business – SnApp™

Meta: “Smart Glasses A Threat To Privacy”, Truth: Threat To Meta

Source: Innovative Genomics Institute Long Covid Affects 23% Of Positive Cases

Source: AP Croatia Ready To Open Controversial Pelješac Bridge

WHO Declares Deadly Marburg Virus Outbreak In Ghana

Source: Vanderbilt Vanderbilt’s Richard Sando & Synaptic Brain Wiring, Rewiring During Lifetime

Image-Guided Partial Nephrectomy

Source: Emojipedia New Emojis Headed To Android And IOS

Vanderbilt Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment & Management.

Elon’s Top Autonomous Driving Man Exits Tesla

Vanderbilt – Challenges Facing Digital Healthcare

7 Value Stocks To Evaluate

Source: WSJ Saudi Arabia’s “Mirror Line” Skyscrapers

Source: Barrat lab New Mode Triggers Immune Responses

Self-Supervised Learning Techniques For Neuroimaging Data

Elon’s StarLink Update

Microsoft Describes Large-Scale Phishing Campaign

Better Model To Study Brain-Attacking Viruses

San Diego Military, Coronado Island – Masks Mandatory


Source: Bair FIGS (Fast Interpretable Greedy-Tree Sums) For ML Decision Trees

…More On New 988 Mental Health Hotline

Source: Ground Well, Elon May Have Stepped In A GIANT Cowpatty

U.S. Covid Deaths 7d Avg: July 15 2022 - 422 July 15 2021 - 280

Models Of Fetal Brain To Postnatal Cortex Folding

…Elon Denies

Larry Summers Right Again: Hard Recession, Millions Laid Off

MPox Now Community Spread In Austin

AGI’s Lethalities – Eliezer Yudkowsky

MPox Now In San Antonio

Predictability Of Recommender Systems

MPox – “Worst Pain” Ever

Covid Vax Short-Lived, Boosters Important

Source: AP Moldova ‘Very Worried’ About Russia Invasion To Pincher Odesa

Source: DALL-E How Imagen Actually Works

Source: Mezer Lab/Hebrew University New Early Stage Parkinson’s Dx

Source: PlacerMKR Austin’s Massive E Riverside At Lake Development

Source: MPI Special Interneuron Networks In The Human Brain

Source: Visual Capitalist The Era Of Value Stock Investing Is Here – VIC608

A New ML Model For Video-Language Analysis

Warren Adds To His Oil Bet

Source: Pixabay Pharmacological Treatment For Insomnia

AI Researchers Propose Neural Diffusion Processes

92% Of New Cars In Norway Are EVs – Stunning (nyt$)

India Reports First Case Of Monkeypox

AI Chip That Comprises Sensing And Processing Elements

Barrons: Sell Meta

Doxepin & Suvorexant Helpful For Non-Z Drug Insomnia^

CASH.AI™ Does Daily Statements, Flags Excess Spending

What A Strong USD Means To The World (& audio; wsj$)

Chipmakers In For A Mega-Bust

A Surprising Cause Of Cognitive Decline

IBM Buying AI Companies Willy Nilly

Is Google’s Chatbot Self-Aware?

Jonas Vingegaar, 25, Wins Tour de France

Hide That Gmail Sidebar

AI Is Changing Humans, Most Don’t See It

Twitter Sues Elon To Force Sale, 15 Revelations

Gates: AI Compute Power Doubles Every 3½ Months (‘20)

Amazon Prime Day Deals

Source: Melmagazine


Alcohol Is Never Good For People Under 40, and 120

Gates: “AI Will Be Worth 10 Microsofts” (‘19)

America’s 15 Most Wealthy Counties

Disease-Modifying Therapy For Alzheimer’s

Stephen Hawking’s AGI Warning

America’s 5 Top States For Business

A Primer For Getting Started With AI & Machine Learning

AI Enterprise Management Using Deep Learning

Source: Cruise Cruise Prepares For Robotaxi Launch In 2023

Will Neuroscience Shape The Metaverse?

Brain Applies ‘Data Compression’ When Making Decisions (2)

El-Erian Speaks, It’s Wise To Listen, Now 8:28

Source: Pixabay How People Control Unwanted Thoughts

A View On Reshoring, Demographics, N. American & World Economies In 1:06:10 (op, again)

So You Think Long Covid Is Not A Risk To You

Source: Nikon Nikon Plans To Shut SLR Cameras Business

Alzheimer’s Starts In Your Gums?

Venezuela Hosting Russia China Iran War Games; Panama’s Left Turn?

VW Building 6 Battery Gigafactories

Baby Formula Out-Stock Remains. America!

Homebuyers Canceling Contracts At Highest Rate In Years Due To Fear Of Loan Default & Rates

Looks Like Only Banks Will Sell Stablecoins

Source: Google – Google’s PaLM: Translates Code, Summarizes Text, Does Legal Briefs And Chains-Of-Thought; But It’s Not Conscious –

Coming Lab-Grown Sushi Salmon & Ribeye

World Banks: China’s Economy Unsustainable

Mpox Reaches Austin

Charlie Backs Australian Building A Berkshire – VIC608

New Drug Class In The Treatment Of Type 2 Diabetes

China’s Regional And Rural Banks Failing

90,000 Rural Starlink Users Don’t Want FCC To Side With Dish

Artificial And Biological Neural Networks Underlying Sensorimotor Integration

Blinding Eye Disease Is Strongly Associated With Heart Disease And Stroke^

China’s Failing Economy May Not Be Transient

Another Ford Recall – 100,000 Hybrid SUVs Over Fires

Neural Networks With Connection Laplacians

J.J. Watt Is Our Man

Monoclonal Antibodies With Broad Neutralizing Activity

Apple “Lockdown” Is Better Security

Training Data From Trained Neural Networks

…More On Ford’s Farley’s Wise & Courageous LFP Battery Move 10:10

…But Elon Can And Is

Houston New Variant Hospitalizations Rising Fast, Many At Long Covid Risk (hc$)

Creating True AI And The Singularity (2:05:04)

Tunisians Votes To Give President More Power

U.S. Covid Deaths 7d Avg: July 12 2022: 410 July 12 2021: 258

Artificially Intelligent Systems & AGI

U.S. Covid Cases 7d Avg: July 12 2022: 134,043 July 12 2021: 27,221

NLP Natural Language Processing Challenges

AI “Now-Casting” Economic Uncertainty By Houston’s Complete Intelligence

Stay Out Of Hospitals, ICUs And Morgues (2)

NYC MPox Cases Definitely Exponential

Source: Reuters China’s Population Permanent Decline Ahead Of 2025

Source: Antler Zuckerberg & Meta’s Loss Of Chief Revenue Officer David Fisher

Source: Frontiers Bayesian Learning Method With Temporal Correlation

GPU Computing Engine Of The Neuron Simulator

Source: Imaginechina Now China Issues Red Alerts For Heatwaves

Speech Processing In The Brain With Self-Supervised Learning

AI “Red” Teams

Link Between Gum Disease And Alzheimer’s Disease

Text-To-Image AI Struggled With Self- Portrait

Sunlight Exposure Triggers Increased Eating In Men

Russia, Ukraine Resume Grain Shipments

Source: Insider Intelligence, WSJ Why Elon & Jack Love Super Apps – SnApp™ by YLabs

Source: Hindawi Deep Learning And Symmetric Difference Algorithms

Source: Reuters Weed Killer Glyphosate Found In Most Americans’ Urine – Austin, Texas Covid Death Rate Remains 0.3 in 1 Million, U.S. 1 in 1 Million –

ESG Investing Is A Loser

Source: GREG LOVETT/ZUMA PRESS The Beloved Monarch Is Now Endangered

Spiking Neural Networks Exploiting Memristive Devices

Startups & Scaleups Need 3 Year Runways – YLabs™

Air Conditioning Europe Is An Opportunity Of The Century (2)

Brain-Inspired Electronics

Human Intelligence Analysis Through Perception Of AI

Russia Risks A Third Civil War With Chechnya

Sleep Quality & Quantity Essential For Kidney Health, CKD^ & Uday Khosla, MD, Houston (4)

Neural Data By Other Large-Scale Recording Techniques

U.K. Spy Chief: Russia About To “Run Out Of Steam” In Ukraine

Explaining Deep Learning Mysteries

Very Low Sodium Intake Is CKD & BP Important

A Thorough Report – Ukraine War, Survival To Victory^

How The Brain Learns Solutions That Generalize

Source: Bloomberg Hock Tan, MIT & Harvard – Broadcom VMware CEO

AI And Understanding Of Human Behavior

The 2 Outcomes: Ukraine Gets What’s Needed, Or NATO Crumbles

Human-Computer Interaction

Homes Prices Up Again In June To Record $416K Avg.

So COBAL & FORTRAN Are Gone? Remembering Jean Sammet (nyt$)

UT Austin Develops Undergrad Research

Nurses’+ Burnout = 64% Leaving

Programing Living Cells Like Computers

You Decide If It’s True About AI Emotions (2)

Dems Can’t Pass Climate Bill Without A Way To Pay For It

Truly Massive Fed Wind Farm Planned Off Galveston

Turks Broker Ukraine – Russia Grain Deal, World Gets Food

Source: Nature Melatonin Therapy & CKD Progression To ESRD

Source: Kajima Corporation Artificial-Gravity Buildings For Space

Austin House Price Forecasts

Sleeping Pills Have Significant CKD Risk

Serious Global Cost Of Living Hikes

Do 27 GOP Men Run The U.S.?

Zolpidem Aids CKD Sleep

1 in 8 U.S.Deaths In 2021 Was Covid, 45-54 Worst Group

CC Pharmacy Principals In Austin & Houston Guilty Of Opioid Crimes

Source: MIT Physicists Observe Electron Whirlpools

Metabolic Changes In Immune Cells & Covid Severity

First Evidence Of Opioid Abuse & Chronic Pain

Source: AP China Promises To Stop Rural Banking Crisis

Networks Of Disease-Associated Immune Genes (2)

World Court Greenlights Genocide Claim Against Myanmar

Source: Google Google’s New LIMoE Uses Brain-Like “Experts” (2)

Source: Reuters Shanghai Discovers Yet Another New Subvariant

The Association For The Advancement Of Artificial Intelligence

Source: MIT MIT: Thin Film Space Bubbles Could Reverse Climate Change (2)

AI That Airbrushes Faces & Bodies

Google: Quantum Computing ML Advantages

Source: Mojo Vision Contact Lense Alternative To AR Glasses (2)

China: Only AI Cloned A Pig

On The Path To Creative AI

Warren’s BYD Passes Tesla In EV Sales

Source: Seaport San Diego $3.5 Billion San Diego Waterfront Development

Intel’s Joscha Bach – Agency In An Age Of Machines (1:30:26s)

Elon Terminates Twitter Buy

Source: NYT et al Latest Covid Variants (nyt$)

Rivian EV Trucks Outsell Ford F-150 Lightning, Stock Up

Transformative Potential Of Artificial Intelligence

New BA.2.75 Variant In India May Be Exponential

MIT: Why Geoengineering Research Has Been Taboo

Ben Goertzel – Open-Ended vs Closed- Minded Conceptions Of SuperIntelligence (58:38)

Easy Exercises for Strong Ankles & Feet (wsj$)

Crypto Is A Ponzi Scheme

U.S. May Lose To MPox (nyt$)

Convergence Accelerator Program – National Science Foundation

NFT Companies Will Evaporate

Source: Commons Wiki Russia-Europe Gas Pipeline Reopens But Outlook Unclear

Risks (Few Per 1,000) Of Oral Prednisone & Steroid Use

iPhone & iPad “Hidden” Way To Print

Common Model Of The Intelligent Decision Maker

50 Pitch Decks That Raised Billions For Healthcare & Biotech – SPF609^


NATO Likely Will Provide Air Superiority Jets To Ukraine

INTC & MMM – Dividend Stocks To Consider

U.S. Housing Entering Recession, What’s Coming

HULU Faces Existential Crisis

…More On Housing Recession, With Times & Metrics 5:21

CA Community Colleges Get Into Housing

Biden Really Did Screw Up How We Left Afghanistan

Why China’s Real Estate, Mortgage & Bank Collapse Is Serious 3:35

Source: Giphy Elon Musk Abandons Bid To Buy Twitter

Source: Tyler Jones Gardening & Landscaping Promote Mental & Physical Health (2) – HerbMan™

Source: SCMP China’s AI Unmanned Navy Ship Passes Trials – What Production Rate?

Biden Says He Has Cancer

Verizon’s Free 4G Phones For 3G Users

Streets Closing For Bikes, Walking – All Starts In California (lat$)

UT Austin Joins As 20 R1 Research Universities In Hispanic Alliance

UT Austin’s New Immersive Experience Lab (dup)

Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, And Cognitive Neuroscience

Source: NOAA Expect Brutal Wildfires & What To Do About It

Quantum Brain Networks Integrates Neurotech, AI, And Quantum Computing

Review Of Brain-Inspired AI

Source: Techcrunch Twitter Lays Off 30% Of Recruiting Team

Artificial & Biological Networks & Their Functional Convergence

China Moves To Control Social Media Details – SnApp™

How To Order Grubhub Free With Amazon Prime

Last Woman Standing In 2024 (2)

AR Augmented Reality Glasses Will Replace Phones

Cuba’s Dengue Fever, Food Shortage, Blackouts, Covid

AI Autocoding – Amazon CodeWhisper Is Like GitHub CoPilot

Source: UCSD UCSD La Jolla: Time Of Day When You Eat Affects Obesity & Nutrient Uptake

Brands That Use AR Today

AR & Women’s Fashion

AR Ads In The Purchase Sequence, Snapchat – SnApp™

Monoclonal Antibody Treatment Reduces Deaths In Covid Patients

Crypto Hedge Fund Ordered To Liquidate (More Soon)

UCSD’s Journalist In Residence

Source: Nature Newborns Begin Language Skills Within Hours

Source: Arcimoto Three-Wheeler EV Greener Delivery – InLineAI™

Source: Sciencedirect Circuits Linked To Spontaneous Autonomic Arousal In Humans

28% Of Americans Won’t Consider Buying An EV

A Realistic Model Of Speech Processing In The Brain

Source: Commons Wiki Texas Republican Chip Roy Thanks Pence For “Courage”

Source: Careerguide Drinking Alone Predicts Future Alcohol Disasters

“Putin’s Not Ill, Rather He’s Entirely Well”

Google’s Hiring Freeze

Yellowstone Natl Park Burns, Main Hwy Closed

…More On Powerful Passports

65 Or Older? Daily Positive Interactions Build Sense Of Purpose & Life Quality (2)

Amazon Prime Video Will Be Much Better Soon (2)

Source: Springer Preventing AI Rogue Devices Acting Independently

Source: Orbital Marine Power World’s Largest Tidal Electric Generator Gets Funding Boost

Cherries, Inflammation & Gout

The Singularity And The Law

Amazon Partners Grubhub – Free For Prime Users

Definitive Brain Effects Of Long Term Anti-Anxiety Drugs

AGI – Artificial General Intelligence Is Not Near Term.

Citi: Oil $65 YE If Recession

MPox Hits Austin

Artificial Open World For Evaluating AGIs

Zuckerberg Likely Correct About Massive Downturn (2)

Washing Brown & White Rice – Pros And Cons (2)

Source: Latvia Post Italy’s President Dissolves Parliament


AR Will Advance Medicine & Healthcare

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