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The Effects of Negative News

They Say Ignorance Is Bliss … But Is It Healthy?

for something to be “newsworthy” — negative or not — it needs to be the exception to the rule, not the norm. That means watching the news might give you an inaccurate view of what daily life is like in the world. How to Fight the Negativit y It’s important to understand important issues of the day. But when the news becomes too much, psychologists encourage you to take a break with some good news — or no news at all. Advances in medicine and technology happen all the time! Seek out those stories, or take a break from news altogether. That’s when no news can become good news.

than people who watch happy or neutral events. That means people watching the news don’t just feel anxious about the world — they feel more anxious about their own lives. British psychologist Dr. Graham Davey, who specializes in the effects of media violence, says negative news can affect how you interact with the world around you. As you consume threatening news, you’re more likely to spot threats in your day-to-day activities that aren’t there, which leads to anxiety. Why Is the News So Negative? As news media revenue goes down and people become desensitized, news organizations feel the pressure to show emotionally relevant material such as crime and accidents. At a basic level,

It’s nearly impossible to log on to social media or turn on the TV without seeing something distressing. Instead of dwelling on what’s

troubling, let’s focus on how to protect our mental health.

The Psychology of Bad News A study by

Psychology Today found that people who watch negative news feel worse about pre-existing worries


Fast Financial Tip

Take Advantage of the Fiduciary Rule

On June 9, 2017, the Department of Labor enacted the “fiduciary rule,” which legally requires advisors and brokers who work with retirement accounts to put your best interests ahead of their financial gain. Investors should always know what they are being charged, so ask your retirement advisor what their commission model is, if they receive a commission of investment sold, and whether they see a flat fee or a percentage of assets. Be sure your advisor’s recommendations are the most cost-effective for your situation.

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