American Consequences - October 2017


I n our October issue, Editor in Chief P.J. O’Rourke updates the introduction to his 1991 book, Parliament of Whores ... As he says, it “has stood the test of time unfortunately well.” Porter Stansberry, a financial analyst who has been labeled “remarkably prescient” by Barron’s magazine, has a new thesis... a “national lottery” that millions will cheer, but will result in a national nightmare. If you’ve never heard the term “jubilee” before, you must read this essay . Dr. Steve Sjuggerud suggests that government bonds, far from being a risk-free return... are now likely to produce return- free risk. Bestselling author Turney Duff profiles Michael Kimelman , co-founder of Incremental Capital. The feds knocked down his door and arrested him for insider trading and conspiracy. Prosecutors offered him a deal to avoid prison time. He rejected the offer and took his case to trial... Veteran journalist and former presidential speechwriter Andrew Ferguson questions whether character matters in politics... whether a politician’s good (or bad) character provide the nation with much benefit (or harm)? Or is politics just politics, no matter who’s playing? Speaking of politics... award-winning investigative reporter Peter Byrne highlights Senator Kamala Harris , widely thought of as a potential savior of the Democrat party (and current front-runner in the political

betting markets for the 2020 Democrat presidential candidate). She has seemingly abandoned a major theme of her political career... could it be because her campaign-funding machine is anchored in Silicon Valley? Dr. David Eifrig shares one of the scariest phrases in America ... while Rodric Hurdle- Bradford investigates the epidemic of taxpayer-paid funding for sports stadiums – true billionaire welfare. Then we’re on the ground with the "antifa"... • Radio star and former CIA analyst Buck Sexton looks at what this radical faction wants, and why none of it is new. • The fantastic writer Matt Labash returns from Berkeley with a look at the state of free speech in an age of antifa. • And P.J. adds his memories of trying (with scant success) to be a radical extremist in the ‘60s to, in his words, “ give some idea of what motivates these jerks by recalling my own jerkiness .” Kerry Moynihan explores how we might be able to fix history with a wrecking ball... P.J. takes a final look at some government reforms and deforms that might help (or hurt)... and Buck and Porter sit down with former Fed analyst and author of Fed Up , Danielle DiMartino Booth. Enjoy the issue. And tell us what you think at . Regards, Steven Longenecker Managing Editor, American Consequences

4 | October 2017

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