American Consequences - October 2017


Democrat Savior or Smooth Operator

T he late-August temperature hits 100 degrees in Oakland, California as U.S. Senator Kamala Devi Harris throws a town-hall meeting at Beebe Memorial Cathedral. The unair-conditioned church is sweltering, but hundreds of Kamala fans flow into pews. They await the manifestation of the Democratic Party’s newest savior.

By Peter Byrne, award-winning investigative reporter

Raised to power as a Democrat, Harris was narrowly elected district attorney of San Francisco in 2003. She won a close race for California attorney general in 2011. Last year, she grabbed the brass ring of senator with 61% of the vote. Her experience is as a law enforcer, not an arm-twisting, favor- dispensing legislator. But she is a born schmoozer; she looks you in the eye with a smile inquiring after your health. She is intelligent, articulate, and charismatic. Her campaign slogan is “fearless for the people,” and it is easy to believe. television cameras pan the crowd rising for Harris. It’s as if she is the third coming of Barack Obama or the anti-Trump personified. Wearing a black suit and necklace of pearls, Harris soaks up the adoration. She roams the stage with a wireless mic, preaching her gospel of how to dislodge the twittering misogynist lounging in the Oval Office: Vote for more Democrats ! KAMALA Reverend Charley Hames, Jr. introduces Harris as “ the tireless advocate for the voiceless and powerless.” In the superheated press section of the balcony, network-

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