American Consequences - October 2017

She unleashes the magic word that motivates liberals and terrifies conservatives: change!

Now that she has national power and the good will of millennials, will Harris deliver genuine change for the Trump-traumatized liberals? Is she shaping up to be a fearless president capable of fixing a fractured political system? Or will she morph into just another corporate- controlled politician trolling for campaign dollars in the Washington, D.C. swamp? There are clues. DO BLACK LIVES MATTER? Beebe Memorial Cathedral is Christian Methodist Episcopal, a historically African-American denomination. Pastor Hames is African-American, as is most his congregation. But only a scattering of people of color attended Harris’ town-hall meeting. Aside from a handful of Oakland

City officials sitting in the front row, nearly all of the audience was white folks, including Harris’ chief of staff, Nathan Barankin, and her husband Emhoff. Most of the audience were enthusiastic supporters of Indivisible, a national “grassroots” movement with more than 6,000 local branches. Indivisible is dedicated to ousting Trump from office and electing “progressive” Democrats, i.e. politicians to the left of Feinstein. The fast-growing organization was created by the San Francisco-based Tides Foundation, which partners with Google and other undisclosed corporate donors. Tides pumps $150 million a year into organizations of a liberal, progressive bent; politically, it is the mirror opposite of the Koch Family Foundations.

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