American Consequences - October 2017

that against the advice of her legal staff, Harris decided not to sue OneWest Bank, a foreclosure mill operated by Steven Mnuchin, who is now Secretary of the Treasury. Pundits ballyhooed the fact that Mnuchin, a Republican, contributed $2,000 to Harris’ campaign, the only Democrat he so blessed. And after reporters discovered that state auditors had repeatedly dinged Harris for exhibiting laxity enforcing gun-control laws, critics insinuated that she had pandered to the National Rifle Association, which might be true, but is hardly an unusual maneuver for a politician . Just look at Bernie Sanders! Thus, the bottom of the barrel of paranoid politics was repeatedly scraped.

Xavier Becerra, subsequently charged the Backpage owners with money laundering – a charge that is more likely to stick. Harris’ media spots bragged about how the compassionate but tough career prosecutor harassed Big Oil, Big Banks, and transnational gangs while working on behalf of battered women. And it is true that Harris negotiated a better-than-average subprime- mortgage settlement from Wall Street banks; she indicted off-shore oil polluters; she sent batterers to prison; she targeted drug lords. But, said kvetches to her left, Harris failed to criminally prosecute the bankers who had ripped off homeowners; the cash settlement was a sliver of the illegally begotten profits. Investigative-news website Intercept revealed


As we go to press, Kamala Harris is currently the most likely candidate out of the possible 2020 Democratic presidential nominees, according to online political- betting market PredictIt. She comes in above Vermont Senator and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, former Vice President Joe Biden, and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. (Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is eighth on the list, so take these early results with some generous liberal wishful thinking.) Boosting Kamala’s potential campaign as “the new new thing” is a date change to California’s Democratic primary... Moved up from June to March. California will now be one of the first states to vote for presidential nominees – after Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina.

– American Consequences Editorial Staff

58 | October 2017

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