American Consequences - October 2017

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If Trump is so bad…Why are his critics suddenly getting so rich? Yes, Hillary is getting rich thanks

“And they shouldn’t let these two-faced elites reap all the gains from the amazing things that the new president is doing.” The video also details how regular Americans can beat these elites at their own game. In fact, the profits for many Americans could come as early as this very fall, when a set of Trump policies hits a major milestone known as the… “Fall Miracle” During his first hundred days, Trump laid out a number of executive orders, memos, and bills addressing issues from infrastructure investment to helping small business. Most of these orders and laws contained built-in triggers for later dates, some months down the road. Many are hitting important milestones this very fall. According to the video, just six companies could begin to see major price swings within the coming weeks and days. These companies are already being targeted by some of the biggest investors in America, including one fund known for discovering Apple, YouTube, and Google. Goldman Sachs has been moving in, too. And it would appear that at least two former officials from the Obama administration are set up to cash in from Trump’s policies, as well. The clock is ticking for regular Americans to get in on these opportunities, as well. Watch Chad’s shocking, tell-all video, revealing how regular Americans can beat these two-faced elites at their own game… while growing very wealthy in the process. By clicking here.

to Trump and here’s how…

America’s elite… celebrities, billionaires, and media figures… are constantly telling us that Trump will destroy America… They tell you the stock market will crash… our democracy will collapse… that there will be war. What they don’t tell you… is that Trump has been making these elites rich beyond their wildest dreams. Since his election, these elites have made millions upon millions of dollars. Navy veteran Chad E. was tired of seeing people attack the president only to privately make millions from his work. So, he decided to upload a video exposing America’s elite for the two-faced profiteers that they are… The video is nothing short of shocking. Among the worst offenders are at least one Hollywood A-lister, along with billionaire bankers and several politicians. Hillary Clinton, of course, is on the list (she’s expected to make at least $14 million this year). One famous actor, who once called Trump a fascist, is slotted to rake in around $200 million. Chad’s point: Despite what you hear in the media, the Trump era has actually been incredibly positive for America so far. And just because someone publicly “hates” Trump doesn’t mean they aren’t getting filthy rich in private. But has Trump only benefited the rich? Or can regular Americans benefit, too? “They absolutely can,” says Chad.

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