American Consequences - October 2017

Ditto for Booker T. Washington. But Booker T. himself was somewhat soft on Jim Crow segregation, so we’ll have to get rid of his first name and middle initial as well. All recordings by the seminal R&B/funk instrumental group Booker T. & the M.G.’s will be credited to the band, “And the M.G.’s.” 5. Withdraw from circulation all currency and coins featuring offending figures. No expense will be spared. The 2017 U.S. Treasury budget for replacing worn-out currency (notes only) is $726 million. By my estimation the cost to replace all currency and coins defaced (as it were) with portraits of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Hamilton (his family owned slaves), Jackson, Grant, Franklin, et al, will be at least $3 billion. Because of this high cost and the already dubious value of money issued by the U.S. Treasury, I propose that the pictures on the new U.S. coins and currencies be of endangered species, particularly, the less intelligent and commercially valuable. The Alabama cavefish on the $1 bill and the American burying beetle on the $100 bill, to start. But cost should not be our main consideration – the government will pay for it. And the vast amount of money, time, and effort dedicated to achieving the goal of a “historically correct” nation will effectively eliminate unemployment, drive our economy, and increase our tax base. It could be the biggest economic boon

Kerry D. Moynihan is a managing director at the executive search firm ZRG Partners. He helps build executive management teams across retail, consumer, financial, and technology sectors. He specializes in working with leveraged buyout and venture capital funds, public companies undergoing dramatic growth or rapid change, and restructuring boards of directors. Kerry is a graduate of the University of Virginia in English Literature and holds an MBA in Finance from The Wharton School. He has worked with clients on six continents and holds dual U.S. and E.U. citizenship. hi storical assumptions that are “right” (full of nice thoughts about social justice) rather than “wrong” (history as historians recount it)... Why, we could... We could “Make America great again!” since Obama’s “shovel ready” infrastructure stimulus projects. Hundreds of thousands of people will be gainfully employed tearing down street signs, demolishing statues, shredding currency, and the like. After all, since we’re denying history, let’s deny economics, too... If we use economic assumptions that are “right” (Keynesian government spending) rather than “wrong” (Reaganomic government thrift), the way we’re using

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