Finding Your Forte - Lead and Deliver with Erin Jones


Host and Facilitator ERIN JONES There are few people wired to LOVE complex projects, have impeccable attention to detail and have the executive presence to successfully delivery programs that drive business transformations. This mastery of the art and the science of program management is indeed a rare combination of attributes and Erin Jones is one of these elite professionals. In her search for purpose, she was able to affirm that she’s been pursuing it for some time. From this affirmation, she was able to inventory her strengths and proactively leverage them, recognize and tap into her passions for projects, data and reporting and create rewards that motivate her through intellectual challenge and managing and developing people. This awareness has allowed her to seek out projects that best leverage her gifts and make story-worthy contributions to the organizations she’s served. That’s her forte. What’s yours?

Why is Finding Your Forte Important? All too often, professionals are merely focused on doing their job and don’t have the opportunity to be strategic about performing in a way that plays to their strengths, leverages their passions and rewards them in ways that motivate them. Using purpose as an engagement strategy drives satisfaction, job performance and retention.






Short term

Medium term

Long term


Optimal Contribution

Vision Snapshots


Your Best Needs A Plan

Stronger business and career performance

Leadership from Your Strength

Engagement and Fulfillment

Your Most Organic Success

Erin Jones Program Manager Turner (formerly Turner Broadcasting) Purpose Lead delivery for complex projects that realize visions and grow business.

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