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Outdoor Resort Palm Springs - the Number One RV Resort in the USA

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Our vision for ORPS At their meeting on November 13, 2017, the Board of Directors adopted the following Vision Statement: “Outdoor Resort Palm Springs strives to be

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the ultimate RV Destination, unsurpassed in facilities, activities, amenities, social atmosphere and climate. Our Five Star community delivers a “personal paradise and escape” creating new friendships and memories that last a lifetime.” These words will guide the Board as it moves forward with policies that will confirm and support this vision.


Welcome back to all and we’re happy to see everyone, including folks we haven’t had the chance to socialize with over the summer. And to those of you who aren’t here yet or that for some reason may not make it down this year, greetings and hope to see you soon. Our financial situation is very good, mostly due to the new Resort Fee. Operating revenues exceeded expenses by $355,691, including the depreciation expense of $57,575. Reserves increased to a balance of $2,586,793. In the past year, the Committee: • Conducted 4 Post-Implementation Reviews & Audits  Resort Rental Fee  Store outsourcing  Digital Oracle  No Free Coffee • Accepted report from Board on potential new security system  Considered financing options for $200K first phase • Postponed further discussion of POS systems/vendors  New Janus accounting package includes POS connectivity • Reviewed and accepted monthly financial reports from Controller • Approved budget that increased Reserves • Received updated project approval process from Board • Accepted role in the Investment Committee charter • Accepted report from management on Reserves (List - Must, Should, Could) • Developed good mix of skills Our plan for the new year includes to take the next steps on Risk Management to understand probabilities, vulnerabilities, and treatments; the review of Reserve planned spending, front office operations, and post-implementation results, and an RFP for the external auditor. Keep in mind the goal is to have Reserves 70% funded by 2020, or a balance of $3,760,585. Our new, recently elected Finance Committee officers are: Greg Farmer, Chair Gail Pollock, Vice Chair. Committee members at Large: Howard Berman Bill Dietrich, Secretary Doug Folsom Dan Kelly Dave Mueller.

Another summer has flown by and for those of us that were here, it proved to be another hot one with multiple weeks over 115 degrees and a few days above 120 degrees (that’s 46 degrees and over 49 degrees Celsius for our Canadian residents).

NOV/DEC 2017

Board of Directors President B RIAN C ANFIELD Vice President M ARYELLEN M UIR Secretary D EDE L OOP CFO C RAIG W IRCH Members

Despite that, the staff continued working hard to keep the grounds and facilities in top shape. In addition to our normal maintenance and landscaping, there were several reserve projects that were done. The largest being the replacement of three 30+ year old lake liners on the back nine golf course. Not only were the liners replaced, but some pockets of rocks and some landscaping were added and the decomposing wooden rail road ties were replaced with boulders. In addition, the lake by whole #2 was slightly enlarged and made deeper in an effort to reduce algae growth. All lakes came in under what we had budgeted for in our reserves. The rest of the projects were a bit smaller in scale but included: repainting of the exterior of the La Palma, new blue umbrellas and shades for the La Palma pool area, new stainless steel counter tops and cabinets for the ES kitchen islands and a new Cambria countertop for the serving counter. We also had new bright lights installed at the ES Pickleball courts. There was also an administrative upgrade to our accounting software which has enabled us to have better reporting for our financials and also included a point of sale system for better accounting and inventory in the bar, front office, activities and golf. In other aspects of the resort, we have some returning vendors and something new. A-1 Golf Cars in the convenience store, Margie’s Expresso Bar and Lupe’s Hair Salon have all returned for another year. We have a new vendor that has leased our restaurant and is being occupied by Bella Roma. I know we are happy to have them all here so let’s demonstrate that by giving them our support ! I look forward to another great season here at ORPS!


General Manager C LINT A THERTON

Oracle Staff Editor Emeritae E LLEN L YNCH C ATHY C HAUNCEY


Sports Editor L UANN W ARD




2017-2018 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Brian Canfield, President; Maryellen Muir, Vice President ; Dede Loop, Secretary; Craig Wirch, CFO; and Members: Ted Wilson, Bob Moore,

COMMITTEE LIAISONS Activities Maryellen Muir A&A Ted Wilson Bingo Bob Moore Communications Dede Loop Facilities Planning Craig Wirch Finance Craig Wirch Golf Craig Wirch Health & Fitness Dede Loop Landscape Dede Loop Marketing Jim Waller Pickleball Maryellen Muir Safety & Security Bob Moore Tennis Bob Moore Nominating Maryellen Muir Strategic Planning Brian Canfield, Craig Wirch, Bob Moore



Ted Wilson


Sandy Holguin Joan Craven


Ava Felt


Greg Farmer Don Renoe Pam Walker Sandy Holguin




Bob Boyce Bob Foyle


Steve Fridley Paul Haberman Clint Atherton



ORPS Calendar 2017-2018 SUMMER SEASON BOARD MEETINGS BY TELECONFERENCE (Dial 1-800-511-7985; Access Code 742-4450#) Wednesday, April 26, Monday, July 10 th , and Monday, September 11 th . Meetings begin at 9AM. BOARD REGULAR MEETINGS(1PM, La Palma) Monday, October 23 Monday, November 13 BOARD OFF-SITE ADVANCE: Monday, Nov 6 (Location TBD)

Monday, December 4 Monday, January 15 Monday, February 12 Monday, March 5 Monday, March 19


Friday, Nov 10, ES Ballroom, Noon


Friday, March 9, La Palma Ballroom











2 nd Tues









No Mtg.









7 & 28

No Mtg.

8 (2 nd Mon)

1 st Mon









Facilities Planning




2 & 16


4 & 18

1 & 15

1 & 15


6 (3PM)

11 (Thur) 9 ( 2nd Tues)






7 & 28


No Mtg.


1 st Tues








1 st Tues

Health & Fitness

10:30 AM


No Mtg





No Mtg.

3 rd Wed












1:30 PM







No Mtg


1 st Wed.









1 st Fri.

Safety & Security









9 (2 nd Tues)

1 st Tues

Strategic Planning








1 st Sat.











This coming March will be the end of term for Maryellen Muir, Ted Wilson and Brian Canfield. The Board is interested in having Owners come forward and run for Office. Contact Board Member Maryellen Muir at 760-641-5714, for more information. You can be a part of our continuing effort to make this a five star Resort. Step up and join our ranks!

Message from the Board

By: Dede Loop, Board Secretary

The is dedicated to ensuring the aesthetics of our resort are maintained to the levels expected by our owners, and that we are in compliance with rules that have been adopted. Additionally, the City of Cathedral City has new regulations in place that we are required to enforce including electrical and construction footing standards. This year there are four new members on the Committee: Laney Westbrook, Don Walker, Walter Sobool and Tom Costa. They join Manfred Baur, Tim Collins, Janet Ream, Don Wood- grift and myself as Chair. As a reminder, any lot modification, including vegetation removal or change, requires a permit. The dedicated volunteers on the A&A Committee are available to consult with owners, as needed, throughout the permitting process. I wish good health to all as we begin another season in our beautiful resort . A&A Committee

Another season is underway and it is nice to welcome everyone back to our Resort. It has been a busy summer as the Board continued to work on updating the Rules and Regulations, A & A Rules and Administrative Policies. It has been many years since these were brought up to date and in line with California law. The Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) obtained Board approval to send out a Survey to all Owners. This survey was to obtain background information on Owners, by various categories, and obtain their ideas of what we should be considering to attract new Owners into the future. We had a very positive response and we sincerely thank those who took the time to respond and help us all get a better understanding of current and future needs and desires. Our CFO, Craig Wirch, has been working with the Finance Committee and has reported that to date Revenues exceed Expenses by $64,250. Our Reserve Fund projects this year have been completed on time and on budget per our General Manager, Clint Atherton. We appreciate the work and efforts of Clint and his management team to keep ORPS on track and below budget as we continue to move ORPS forward this coming season. The Financial Statements are available each month online where you will find more detail about our financial position and our progress in working towards our financial goals. Continued on next column …...

Ted Wilson A & A Chair

DO YOU RECYCLE? • Do you conserve water?

• Do you recycle and employ energy efficient machinery and devices? • Do you teach the next genera- tion and show by example the need to live a green life? Our future generations will thank



Reported Crimes from May 1, 2017 to September 30, 2017

As we return to ORPS for the season, we should keep in mind the headlines of late, namely the hurricanes in the Caribbean and the earthquakes in Mexico. Being prepared for such a disaster can make life following such an event much easier. Be Prepared.  Fill the water tank on your RV. You may elect to sanitize the tank with bleach as has been discussed in previous Oracle articles.  Keep sufficient supplies of Propane on hand, at least one full bottle should suffice to use the stove in your RV for an extended time period.  Keep sufficient fuel in your passenger vehicle to travel out of the area. Maintaining at least ½ tank should allow sufficient range to allow a destination where power and fuel are available.  For motorhome owners: arrive with sufficient fuel in your rig to run your generator for an extended time period. This will really benefit you (and possibly your neighbors) in an extended power outage.  Keep back-up food on hand that doesn’t need refrigeration and can be easily prepared on your propane stove or grill. Places like Costco sell emergency food packs that last for years and only require water for preparation.  Keep some cash on hand; our often used credit and debit cards will have no value in a power outage, ATMs and charge machines at retail stores require electric power to operate.  If you have a golf cart, charge the batteries frequently, these can be used as a back-up to the house batteries in your RV, allowing lights and things like the on-board water pump. Welcome back and be safe:

6 Trespassers: 4 Chased off property by Security, 2 Caught and Arrested

Reported Crimes for October 1, 2017 3 Stolen Bikes: All Unsecured 1 Vehicle Break In

1 Dog House Break In: **Dog House was Secured and Broken In to. 1 Unsuccessful attempt at breaching the 33 rd Street Gate

Reported Crimes from November 1, 2017 to November 10, 2017 1 Stolen Bike: Unsecured

1 Trespasser: Caught by Security and Escorted off Property Let me start off by welcoming everyone back to Outdoor Resort. As you can tell from the numbers above we have had a relatively quiet off season. Though I am happy to report that my staff and I have had some success in catching trespassers who did not belong on property. All of these trespassers were caught at night except for one who we found hiding under an RV. Another conclusion that you may draw from the numbers is that activity has picked up since the beginning of October. This is due to a higher number of residents in the resort which provides criminals a better chance of committing a crime of opportunity. As you can see, regarding bicycle thefts so far, all the bicycles were reported as being left unsecured during the theft. I highly urge everyone to secure your property at night. As we found out last year, chains are easily cut. We had several failed attempts of bike theft last year due to the “D Lock” device that can be purchased at the convenience store. Also I urge you all to lock your bikes up in FRONT of your Lot where it is more visible instead of the rear. These criminals do not want to expose themselves to my staff or your neighbors. The statistics from last year show that the majority of the bikes stolen were located in the back of the Lot where it is dark. My staff is highly committed to protecting you and your property. However, I ask for your help. You, the residents, outnumber my staff and have more eyes than we do. I very respectfully ask that if you see or hear anything that you find suspicious to immediately call my Officer in the Gate House so that we can arrive to the issue as fast as possible. With your help I believe that we can deter the criminal element that wishes to prey on our resort. Again, I welcome you all back and let’s have a great season.

Stephen Fridley Chair


Two locked PAPER SHREADERS are AVAILABLE for our use. They are located across from the La Palma Mailroom. You may dispose of sensitive information, such as credit card offers. The bin is emptied once a month.

Please Carry a flashlight when walking in the resort! The dark sneaks up on you

Corey Sather Post Commander


COMMUNICATIONS MMI The Communications Committee welcomes you back for another season. Our Committee mandate is to ensure that internal and external communication is accurate and readily available to owners, renters and guests. We are excited to welcome over 90 new owners since February 2017. There are four New Owners Lunch and Learn sessions planned for November/December to provide an opportunity to meet the Board, Activities Director and General Manager. Talk to your Phase Rep for a schedule or see posters on the bulletin boards. There are now seven phases and the new lists are found on our Communication Bulletin Boards in La Palma and El Saguaro. The maps in each laundry room now have a legend which outlines the new phases. The new Outdoor Resort Brochure has the new phases on the map and there is also the chart bellow that indicates the Phases. Did you know that you can attend any of the Board Committee meetings? This is one way to become informed about what is happening within our resort. For a committee meeting schedule you can go onto our internal website, click on Resources then Owners Library and the schedule will come up. All these volunteer committees, with the exception of the A and A committee, are advisory to the Board. Our role is to make recommendations to the Board though our Board Liaison. The ultimate decision lies with our elected officials, the Board. Three of our present Board Members’ terms are coming to a close at the end of March 2018. While we hope they will stand again, we are looking for candidates to fill in these important volunteer positions. Contact Maryellen Muir if you are interested in running for the Board. The nominations close in early January. Please circle these dates on your calendars:  The Board Candidates Forum January 22, 2018  New Owners Reception Monday February 12, 2018  Picnic in the Neighborhood Sunday February 18, 2018 Your phase representatives are here to help you with questions you might have. We are identified by a green sign posted on our lots. There is also a list on our Bulletin Board and on the Internal Website. We look forward to meeting you! Joan Craven ..Lot 1109 Chair

Previous Phase

New Phase

Lot Numbers

@ Lots in Phase

Phase Representative

Lot #





Sandra Holguin Lynn Barry

14 46

1 2




Lorraine & Jacques Blain



260-322 338-432


Dave Duthie Judy Thorgeirsson Ron Langdon

293 300 262 243 870


4 & 5

188-259 323-337 789-831 852-891


Josette Taylor Terry Nolan



603-788 1048-1051


Geri Sobool Sheryl Nelson

692 755 693 660

Lynne Livingston Sandy Goodwin



832-851 892-941 966-1006 1137-1213 942-965 1007-1047 1052-1136


Charlene Bain Margot Baur Marnie Ellison Charyl Marino-Drews

1197 899 999 1167 1012 1101 1057 1109 1064 12 391 138 925 1151

Vice Chair




Kimberly Rogers Penny Bradley Judy Froese Joan Craven Patricia Markwick Lonna Dawson Cathy Chauncey Teresa Carlson Eva Norcross Dede Loop

Secretary Chair


Members at Large

Oracle Board Liaison



HEALTH & FITNESS COMMITTEE Welcome to the 2017 – 2018 season! The Fitness Center was painted over the summer break so plan to come see the new color and, while there, check out the equipment. In January, we are planning to have a speaker but have not finalized the details so please look for more information in the January ORACLE. In February, we are planning another Health & Wellness Fair on Saturday, February 17, 2018 from 9AM to 12PM in the La Palma Clubhouse. Look for more information in the January ORACLE as well. The “Desert Health: News from the Valley’s Integrated Health Community ” is published six times a year (J/F, M/A, M/J, J/A, S/O, and N/D). It has been delivered to the resort and distributed to the Activities Office, the BOD Office, the Fitness Center, the Front Office, and the ES/LP Mailrooms during our season months, November to April, free of charge. We will continue to do so this season. Last season, many of you requested this newsletter be delivered to your mailbox / home. If you would like to receive this newsletter year round you can pay $25 for an annual subscription. To do so, provide your name, address, payment info (check or credit card) and mail to Desert Health at POB 802 La Quinta CA 92253. Also, be sure to identify which issues you would like delivered to your mailbox at ORPS and which ones to your primary home address.

FACILITIES PLANNING WELCOME back everyone to our lovely resort! The FP Committee hopes you are ready to enjoy our beautiful facilities here in the desert! It’s exciting to see the lake projects completed, painting of the La Palma Clubhouse exterior, our new Bella Roma Restaurant offering great meals under a new patio shade, breezeway screening and pool deck umbrellas all in our new marina blue color scheme. The pergola at the El Saguaro clubhouse has been updated with fans, heaters and dimmable lighting providing another beautiful venue that has already had enormous use for your parties with friends. Our grounds look stunning with green grass, trimmed trees, sparkling ponds and grand welcoming scenery. Our committee members Marsha Nelson, Denny Bloom, Alice Heuple, Michael Murray, Judy Jurach, Charles Stinson and Michelle Moore have all worked tirelessly on several projects last season. I so appreciate their contributions and expertise and it is this group that brings many of these projects to fruition. They all contribute their enthusiastic expertise and always hold the best interests of our resort facilities in mind. This season some of the projects that we will be working on include the ES kitchen, pool decking and updating of pool furniture and umbrellas, dog facilities, easement land potential uses - to name a few. Some of our committee member terms will be expiring soon and we invite interested owners to assist us in the upcoming seasons. We NEED administrative, engineering, contractor or facilities expertise. Please express your interest in volunteering to Ava Felt or one of our FPC members. Our next scheduled FPC meetings will be held Thursday, November 16 at 2 PM in the Pergola at El Saguaro and on December 2, 2017 at 2 PM in the East Room at La Palma. All owners are welcome!

Pam Walker Chair

Ava Felt Chair

NO Trash Pick up Tuesdays or Thursdays

Please do not

put your trash out Tues or Thurs as it attracts animals .


BOOK DISCUSSION GROUP Thursday, November 16


Chapel meets every Sunday at 8:50AM in La Palma Chaplain Jim Gwinn Lot 274 Cell: 847 445-0077 BLESSED THANKSGIVING AND MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL ORPS FRIENDS Thanksgiving was agreed on in

4 PM Owners’ Lounge HILLBILLY “ELEGY” By J.D. Vance

2017-2018 /schedule November 16 th December 7 th

January 18 th February 15 th March 15 th

1839 by 30 Governors of the US to be a common day of Thanksgiving. This was good but it wasn't a national holiday. On October 3, 1863, President Lincoln declared the last Thursday of November a US national Holiday, declaring "we can count our blessings." They are generous gifts of the most High God who remembers us with His mercies. We, Americans and Canadians, truly have so much to give thanks for, and seek His protection for all. Canadians present at ORPS have the privilege of celebrating two Thanksgivings! What a blessing. We need to remember to thank God for His providence and care in these troubled days world wide. This is a time when we celebrate our countries, leaders, and challenges coming together as one. Going from Thanksgiving to Christmas is an incredible and delightful time of joy. Jesus Christ invaded human history by becoming a man and living a life free from ALL sin. His holiness and perfection enabled Him to relate to our joys, sorrows, wants, needs and temptations. Jesus dwelt among us allowing us to know and observe His life and practices in the Bible. No greater love could God give us than to send His only Son to offer payment for sins to be forgiven. Make room for Jesus, the reason for the season, in your Christmas activities and family times. Share the Biblical truth of "For God so loved the world that He gave HIs only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life." John 3:16

For information contact: Jean Dietrich 760 992-8225

Calling all ladies who would enjoy meeting awesome Christian women while furthering their walk with our Lord. Starting January 10th at 9AM in the East room, we will be launching our latest

study, DISCERNING the VOICE of GOD, Updated Version, By Priscilla Shirer. Study books will be $15. Please place your order with the information below. Please join us; you will be blessed beyond measure! For further information & to order your study book PLEASE call, Donnice Koch Lot 81 (January)

(913) 952-9285 or email


Chapel begins at 8:50 AM and ends at 10AM. Come join us!



Nov 5

Jim Gwinn

Nov 12

Denver and Mile High Orchestra

Nov 19 & 26 Jim Gwinn Dec 3


Steve Jones US Open Golf Champion

Dec 10

Don Wyrtzen hymn composer & some Victor Borge

Karmen Budd of lot 749 Henry Honer of Lot 163 Douglas Horman of Lot 514 Gerry Hubbard of Lot 745

Dec 17

Mark Williams

Dec 24 & 31 Jim Gwinn


HOLES-IN-ONE Hole-in-one scorecards must be dated and signed by at least two playing witnesses. Include phone number and indicate if this is his/her first hole-in-one. The lucky golfer may purchase a hole-in-one bag tag









Bill Gorts




Dave Ross





Dave Yakimetz

Tuesdays we have a mixed scramble. Thursdays men and women are on separate teams with each member playing his or her own ball. Formats vary from week to week. On both days teams are handicapped as evenly as possible. All low and high handicappers are encouraged to play. Guest averages will be based upon your home course handicap. Register at ES between 8AM and 8:45 AM, play starts at 9AM Bring $4 and join us 155 owner graced the field for the first scramble of the year. We were all in competition for a hole-in-one on holes 4 & 14 for a $5000 prize and on holes 2 & 6 for a new set of clubs. These exciting competitions were sponsored by Bob Boyce, Phil Haan and Desert Properties. Although there were no winners for the hole-in-one prizes there were over 50 raffle prizes awarded after the event that paid 1/2 of the field in daily prize $. Pete Carlson's Sporting Goods discounted the raffle prizes for us. A lasagne lunch was served by our new cafe vendor, Bella Roma. The 2017-2018 complete golf schedule is shown on the next page. Alll owners and guests are invited to participated in posted committee events, unless designated owners only. Enhancing your overall golf experience this year an additional ORPS Golf Club has been established and is being overseen by Don Renoe. Price is $25 for the year and besides the immediate golf towel and bag tag you will receive it will host additional events like night golf, match play, Hole-in-One Challenge and more to be announced throughout the year. Welcome back golfers! We look forward to a fun filled year! The golf season started out with a bang and didn't the course look great!




Bob Moore




Patricia Stang




Ed Elias




Sharon Lemke




Ed Johnson

Congratulations! To our first Players Club HIO winner! Allen Gayken, who achieved a hole in one on Hole #4 on Tuesday’s Nov. 14th Scramble and won $306.

2016-2017 Golf Committee

Don Renoe Greg Rose


Vice Chair, Treasurer

Sandy Seaman Allen Gayken

Secretary Computer

Gale Stephenson

Member at Large

Geri Grant Craig Wirch


Board Liaison

LADIES’ PUTTING CLUB Sign up Wednesday mornings 8:45AM at ES. Bring your putter, a ball and 4 quarters and have FUN!

November 2017 Welcome back Tournament Winners Roman Orenchuk, Molly McCarthy-Senebald, George Holguin, Ron Langdon, Dave Ross, Linda Whalley, George Ritchie


Golf Continued …...


Thursday Stroke Play 6 Tuesday Fun Scramble 8 Thursday Stroke Play 10 Saturday Sweetheart Tournament*

ORPS Golf Schedule 2017-18  Tuesday Scramble, Thursday Stroke Play & Saturday Events, Register at ES between 8:00 and 8:45 AM, play starts at 9AM  Tuesday AM Fun Scramble – mixed teams of men & ladies, course open to all after 12:30PM  Thursday AM Stroke Play – separate men’s & lady’s teams, balanced handicaps, course open to all after 12:30pm  Fee: $4.00/player. Starting January 1, 2018 fee will

Open to Owners Only, Advance sign-up Sunday Sweetheart Tournament* Open to Owners Only , Advance sign-up


13 15 20

Tuesday Fun Scramble (Lunch)

Thursday Stroke Play

Tuesday Fun Scramble 22 Thursday Stroke Play (Lunch) 23 Friday CanAm Tournament*

Private Event, tee times booked from 9AM to 11AM, course open to all after that . 27 Tuesday Fun Scramble MARCH Tuesday Scramble, Thursday Stroke Play & Saturday Events, Register at ES between 7:30AM and 8:15 AM , play starts at 8:30AM , course open to all after 12:15PM 1 Thursday Stroke Play 2 Friday Club Championship* Course will open to all each day after last championship tee time

be $5.00. An extra fee will be charged on tournament days when lunch is included.


Saturday Opening Day Tournament

7 9

Tuesday Fun Scramble Thursday Stroke Play Tuesday Fun Scramble

14 16

Thursday Stroke Play 21 Tuesday Fun Scramble 23 Thursday Thanksgiving – No Golf 28 Tuesday Fun Scramble 30 Thursday Stroke Play (Lunch)

3 4 6 6

Saturday Club championship* owners only Sunday Club championship* owners only

Tuesday Fun scramble (Lunch)

Tuesday NIGHT GOLF* Open To ORPS Players Club members, Advance sign-up Wednesday FMCA Tournament* Private event – tee times booked from 9AM to 11:30AM, open to all after that


Tuesday Fun Scramble* Course closed after Scramble for Fertilizing


7 9

Thursday Stroke Play

Saturday String Tournament (Lunch) Tuesday Fun Scramble (Lunch)

8 9

Thursday Stroke Play

12 14 19 21

Friday Spring Nine & Wine Tuesday Fun Scramble Thursday Stroke Play (Lunch)

Thursday Stroke Play Tuesday Fun Scramble

13 15 17 20 21 22 27 29

Thursday Stroke Play (Lunch) 25 Monday Christmas Day Tournament*

Saturday Three Club Tournament (Lunch)

Tuesday Fun Scramble

Private Event – tee times booked from 08:45AM to 11AM, open to all after that

Wednesday Luci Curci Tournament Course Closed, Advance Sign-Up Thursday Farewell Tournament (Lunch)


Tuesday Fun Scramble Thursday Stroke Play

Tuesday Fun Scramble Thursday Stroke Play

4 9

Tuesday Fun Scramble* (Lunch) Course closed after Scramble for Fertilizing


Saturday One Club Tournament

11 13 16 18 23

Thursday Stroke Play

Saturday Orange Ball Tournament (Lunch)

Tuesday Fun Scramble Thursday Stroke Play

Tuesday Fun scramble 25 Thursday Stroke Play (Lunch) 27

To get an official golf handicap through Southern California Golf Association at ORPS call Linda Parker: 760-285-9119. The cost is $36 which includes

Saturday Hole In One Tournament* (Lunch) Open to those owners who have recorded a Hole In One at ORPS.


Tuesday Fun Scramble

a GHIN number and a $15 gift card for Roger Dunn Golf Store. Your card is valid for 12 months from purchase date, so you can purchase it at any time.



HORSE RACE Sat. Dec. 2nd 8:30AM meet at La Palma.

All levels of play welcome. You may be the one to take home the big bucks $$. Bring your $5 entry fee to LP & sign up no later than 8:15AM. Return to LP for Refreshments and our General Tennis Meeting at 10:30am.


Paul Haberman Kim Krahn Greg Farmer Chris Farrell Manfred Sohni Sandy Glennie Bob Doty

-Chairman -Secretary -Treasurer

-Court Maintenance


-Horse Race -Daily Draw

If you have not already registered for the new ORPS tennis court reservation system, please go to the Tennis page at, “Reserve A Court” tab, and register to use the “Hold My Court” Reservation System. This System will be the only way you can reserve a tennis court for the upcoming season. Please follow the instructions EXACTLY as written! Do not forget to include your lot number after your first and last name. Numbers only. Let the Tennis Committee know if you encounter any problems, or if you have any suggestions, at

We would like to send a warm welcome to both new and returning players to our resort. The tennis committee would like to remind players to lock the tennis gates when you are finished play. Ball machine key can be obtained from the guard shack at the front entrance. Please feel free to contact any of the tennis committee members if you have any questions.



2018 Men’s Top Gun

Sign up before: Fri. Dec. 1/17

Meeting: Wed. Jan.03/18 @1:00 pm Start Date: Wed. Jan. 10/18 - 10am Last Play Date: Wed. March 7/18 Wind Up: Mar. 7/18 3:00 p.m. ES Patio Regular Player $12 Spares: no charge ******** Contact: Bud Krahn


Mixed Doubles every Sunday 2pm at ES Bring a partner and join in the fun. ALL LEVELS OF PLAYWELCOME TENNIS BARBEQUE Sunday Dec. 3rd at La Palma 5pm. Bring a dish to share and your own meat to BBQ if you like, beverage of your choice & place setting .


Monday thru Saturday (except for Saturday horse race & mixer ) Men’s & Women’s Draw all meet at La Palma @ 8:25AM ******* Nice Easy Tennis (NETS) Draw meet at La Palma 10AM. ******* Men’s 3.5 to 4.0 Draw 10AM @ ES



2pm E

Submitted by Secretary, Kim Krahn

Secretary, Kim Krahn



PICKLEBALL CLUB NEWS Welcome back “pickleballers”…. and the new 2017/2018 season begins! We are excited to see you all back at the courts very soon . The first pickleball meeting of the season has been rescheduled for Monday November 20 at 11 AM in the owners’ lounge.


We will miss Maureen and Stan this season as Maureen faces health challenges. Your dedication and commitment have made pickleball in ORPS the marvelous experience that it is. We send heartfelt love and prayers to you both.


The courts are open from 7 AM to 9 PM daily. Courts are reserved for designated play as follows: Intermediate/advanced play 7AM-10AM Monday, Wednesday, Friday and 10 AM to 1 PM Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (with no reserved beginner or novice courts). Novice play (with courts one and two designated for beginners) are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 7 AM – 10 AM and Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10 - 1 PM. Sunday is open play all day.

LESSONS, LADDERS AND MIXERS Beginner lessons (no charge) are offered from 3PM – 4 PM on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Come on out and learn the game! The Women’s Mixer is from 1 PM to 3 PM on Monday; the Men’s Mixer is from 1 PM– 3 PM on Wednesday; and the Couples Mixer is 1 PM – 3 PM on Saturday. Fun and frivolity guaranteed!! The “Trackithub” Shootout Ladders are from 3PM – 7PM on Tuesdays.

Check the schedule at the courts for more information !

Submitted by Lynn Barry #46



Owners’ Lounge

ACTIVITIES Gary Marshall

Tuesdays @ 4PM & 7PM Hot dogs and chips - $3.75 available from 5:30 to 6:30PM

Well the 2017-2018 season is under way and it started out being very busy the first couple of weeks. First we had an outdoor concert for 250 guests with Terry Williams his band . Skip Pisor and George Holguin cook. We had the owners

Nov 21 Going In Style Desperate to pay the bills and come through for their loved ones, three lifelong pals risk it all by embarking on a daring bid to knock off the very bank that absconded with their money. Michael Caine, Richie Moriarty, Josh Pais

welcome back breakfast which was served by the Activities Committee with the Board of Directors serving champagne. This was followed by the first day of golf. Later that night the owners dinner and dance, also hosted by the committee , was held with David Ambrose doing the entertainment and Silver Spur catering supplying the dinner. The following weekend, on Friday , the Town Hall Meeting was held with hamburgers and hot dogs for all in attendance, which was many. Later that evening James Garner entertained as Johnny Cash and was enjoyed by a large crowd in attendance. The next day the first of two Potato Bakes was held with Bob and Michelle Moore supervising their volunteers serving up over 200 potatoes. Matt Jenkins was the entertainer. It looks to be the making of a great season.

Nov 28 Keepin up with the Joneses A suburban couple becomes embroiled in an international espionage plot when they discover that their seemingly perfect new neighbors are government spies. Greg Mottola, Michael LeSieur, Zach Galifianakis Isla Fisher, Jon Hamm Gifted Gifted is a 2017 American drama film directed by Marc Webb and written by Tom Flynn. It stars Chris Evans, Mckenna Dec 5 an intellectually gifted 7-year-old who becomes the subject of a custody battle between her uncle and grandmother. Dec 12 La La Land La La Land is a 2016 American musical romantic comedy-drama film written and directed by Damien Chazelle. It stars Ryan Gosling as jazz pianist and Emma Stone as an aspiring actress, who meet and fall in love in Los Angeles while pursuing their dreams. The film's title refers simultaneously to music, the city of Los Angeles, and to the idiom for being out of touch with reality. Grace, Lindsay Duncan, Jenny Slate and Octavia Spencer. The plot follows

Dec 19 Lion Lion is a 2016 biographical

film directed by Garth Davis (in his feature debut) and written by Luke Davies, based on the non-fiction book A Long Way Home by Saroo Brierley with Larry Buttrose. The film stars Dev Patel, Rooney Mara, David Wenhamand, Nicole Kidman. Dec 26 Anchorman 2 With the 70's behind him, San Diego's top rated newsman, Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell), returns to the news desk in "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues." Also back for more are Ron's co-anchor and wife, Veronica Corningstone (Christina Applegate), weather man Brick Tamland (Steve Carell), man on the

street Brian Fantana (Paul Rudd) and sports guy Champ Kind (David Koechner) - All of whom won't make it easy to stay classy...while taking the nation's first 24-hour news channel by storm.


Phase 1, 2 & 3





Robert Alderman ( Owns multiple lots)

Sheridan, WY

Phase 1 1 Phase 1 24 Phase 1 31 Phase 1 39 Phase 1 44 Phase 1 62 Phase 1 66 Phase 1 80 Phase 1 96 Phase 1 120 Phase 1 129 Phase 1 135 Phase 1 143 Phase 1 171 Phase 1 194 Phase 2 453 Phase 2 464 Phase 2 581 Phase 3 283 Phase 3 290 Phase 3 315 Phase 3 350 Phase 3 412 Phase 3 422 Phase 3 450

Gary Davis & Debra Beutler

Pleasant Grove, CA

Philip Diederichs

Anacortes, WA

Lynn Wolfe

Spokane, WA

Ray & Kathie Schermerhorn

Kent, WA

Anna Santos & Michelle Wellington

Cathedral City, CA

Leonard & Irene Enns

Abbotsford, BC

Scott & Trista Douglas and Tyler & Lindsay Wonnacott (own multiple lots) Regina, SK

Paul Jahn

Langley, BC

Mike & Darla Buston

Nanaimo, BC

John & Sandi Aldred

St. Albert, AB

Gene Kellogg & Patricia Grant

Escondido, CA

Gregory Ellis

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Kurt Hoeschle & Sharon Deacon

Kelowna, BC

Barry & Gloria Bloomberg

Eagle Point, OR

Tyler & Lindsay Wonnacott (own multiple lots)

Nanoose Bay, BC

Bruce Krohn

Blaine, MN

Paul & Tricia Wittsack

Livermore, CA

David & Louise Ross

Bathurst, NB

Douglas & Karen German

Ballwin, MO

Lawrence & Jeanne Carletta

Eugene, OR

Robert & Cheryl Randall

Langley, BC

Keith & Shirley Radtke

Leduc, AB

Michael & Paula Schnarr

Sonora, CA

Larry & Brenda Reed

Eugene, OR

Phase 4-7 Continued on next page ……..


Continued ….Phase 4,5,6 & 7

Kenneth, Kimberly, Sean, and Christopher Moen

Vancouver, BC

Phase 4 190 Phase 4 210 Phase 4 213 Phase 4 222 Phase 4 222 Phase 4 242 Phase 4 791 Phase 4 809 Phase 4 879 Phase 5 609 Phase 5 615 Phase 5 676 Phase 5 677 Phase 5 677 Phase 5 679 Phase 5 680 Phase 5 694 Phase 5 710 Phase 5 724 Phase 5 741 Phase 5 742 Phase 5 748 Phase 5 781 Phase 6 835 Phase 6 842 Phase 6 893 Phase 6 908 Phase 6 915

Steve & Ann Rough

Delta, BC

Marvin & Rhonda Richards

Piercy, CA

Dusty & Judy Beeding

Yorba Linda, CA

Dusty & Judy Beeding

Yorba Linda, CA

Kristy Duffle

Montrose, CO

Gerald & Jean Lloyd

Long Beach, CA

Evon & Milo Haarklau

Grand Rapids, MN

Cecil & Jenny Luthultz

Chula Vista, CA

Timothy Scott Gale & Beverly J. Lowes

Port Coquitlan, BC

Jeffrey Knebl & Jeanette Chernis

Cathedral City, CA

Robert & Lynne Livingston

Ventura, CA

Charles & Janis Morrison

Cathedral City, CA

Dana & Elaine Millar

Glendora, CA

Mark & Kathleen Gallivan

Chehalis, WA

Christine Grant

Cathedral City, CA

Reginald Keith Trowell & Gail Marion Mac Donald

Winnipeg, MB

Keith & Victoria Hilmer

Lake Tapps, WA

Janet & Jennifer Jamieson

Surray, BC

Richard & Susan Whitman

Big Bear Lake, CA

David & Catherine Jancowski

Cumberland, BC

Brent Huff, Chad Bignold, Jennifer Bignold

Surrey, BC

Dan & Mardee Sprayberry

Templeton, CA

Jeffery Buchman & Kenneth Hearn

Windsor, CA

James & Mary Eastwood

Bellingham, WA

Kevin & Judy Varey

Nanoose Bay, BC

Gerald & Kathleen Sovell

Minneapolis, MN

James & Sandra Trice

Gold Bar, WA

If you suspect a HEART ATTACK or STROKE Give the victim an aspirin! First call 911 Then call Security 760-770-0065 Phase 7 1083 Christopher & Joyce Thompson Phase 7 1091 Douglas & Annette Scott Phase 7 1136 Henry & Sherry Tenbrinke Phase 6 1154 David & Patricia Cornies Phase 6 1156 David & Belinda Busco Phase 6 1174 William & Betty McCullough Phase 6 1178 Doug & Jeanette Affleck Phase 6 1186 Brian Boland & Maureen Sieben Phase 7 942 Phase 7 948 Stanley & Joyce Thompson Christi A. Etie

Calgary, AB

Gig Harbor, WA

Cathedral City, Ca

Westbank, BC

Okotoks, AB

Cathedral City, CA

Vancouver, WA

Newhall, CA

Coguitlam, BC

Lacomb, AB

ARE YOU COMING OR GOING??? Please inform the Mailroom when you arrive and when you leave . Your box will be closed if you do not wish to receive mail in the desert .


Daryl Koch leads hikes for both Outdoor Resort & Desert Shadows Resort. Hikes are every Monday morning. This Hiking group meet at 7:45 AM at La Palma & leave at 8AM sharp. All levels of hiker are Welcome.! For Questions, Contact: Daryl Koch, Desert Shadows R. V. Resort 509-879-5613

Singles are welcome to join our Friday night social. We choose a restaurant in the Valley and meet there at 5PM. Just sign up in the Activities Office by Thursday and note if you want a ride. We have a great time! Join Us


Monday & Thursday at 6:45PM Texas Hold’em has become a very big part of Outdoor Resort . With a limit of 50 players we often sell out so it is important to be a little early. The winners of these weekly events are invited to play in the Championship Tournament held in March. We welcome all owners and renters and look forward to the new season at El Saguaro. Come and join in the fun for an evening of Texas Hold'em and your chance to win.

ORPS’ DESIGNING WOMEN We meet every Tuesday through March West Room @ ES @ 1PM Join us. ALL CRAFTERS WELCOME beading, knitting, painting, glasswork, small sewing projects & miscellaneous crafts. Get new ideas, share knowledge, trade supplies. Plan to have a great experience. Coordinators:

Presentation of the Winner's "Poker Stars" bracelet to

Judy Jurach Lot 1105 Carol Wilhelm Lot 309

Brian Haley by

Ursula and Bob Woskoski

NEEDLECRAFT We meet every Monday 1:30 to 4PM in the East Room, LP We socialize as we work. If you enjoy any kind of needlework, please join us . Phyllis Pashote, Lot 402 925 786-4472

MAHJONG Meets in the East Room Tuesdays at 1PM For more information call Sue Doty 916 205-7966 or

LET’S PLAY THE UKULELE! ORPS Ukulele Club meets every Saturday in the Owners Lounge 1:15 - - 1:45 Beginners lessons and practice time. 2:00 - - Start playing! 3:30 - - End program Come join the fun. All levels welcome! For more information, contact Don Lovelace Tom Ray 714-272-4973 760-831-8150

Thursdays call Martha Campbell 707 228-0567 Come and play or learn to play. It’s addictive!

ORPS QUILTERS We meet in the West Room Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 9AM to 4:30PM Our group of quilters is always busy with

WEDNESDAYS AT LA PALMA 6:30PM Early Bird Bingo 7PM Regular Bingo Games end around 9PM

a quilting project of some sort; we will tackle almost anything quilting related! Each person is working on their own unique projects. We gather and share ideas, advice, knowledge and even a few jokes! Everyone is welcome! We have begun work on a fabulous quilt for next year’s raffle! Look forward to another very special quilt.

Free popcorn and fun

Paper pack of 10 games $6 Early Bird sheets $1 each Intermission game $1 each Candy & soda pop available See you there!

Sandy Whittaker, Lot 884 - Quilting Reporter


Tickets $12

Date: November 18, 2017 @ El Saguaro Happy Hour 6PM

December upcoming events: Ugly Sweater December 2 nd New Year’s Eve Dinner on the 31 st .




Try our Monthly Coffee Specials

Butter Rum


Hours: Monday-Saturday 7:00 -1:30

Lupe’s Hair Salon Providing for your hair and nail care needs.  Cuts & Design  Coloring (Hi Lites & Lo Lites)  Perms  Facial Waxing  Full Set Acrylic Nails  Full Set Gel Nails  Manicure  Pedicure Hours: Tue - Sat 9AM to 5PM El Saguaro

Serving Outdoor Resort Palm Springs Sales: 760-424-8455 Rentals: 760-347-ORPS (6777)

Lupe 760 328-0007

Breakfast: 7AM to11AM Eggs, Pancakes, French Toast, Country Fried Steak, Omelettes. 11AM to 3PM Lasagna, Eggplant Parmigiana, Chicken Parmigiana, Chicken Piccata, Fish & Chips, Sausge, Peppers & Onion Pasta, Baked Ziti 3PM to 8PM House Specialties include: Shrimp Fra Diablo, Scampi, Shrimp Sofia, Linguini with Clams, Fettuccine Alfredo, Lasagna Alforno, Roma Combo, Veal Parmigiana, Chicken Limonigio, Chicken Cacciatore, Pasta Primavera, Ravioli, a variety of Pastas Subs, Pizzas, Calzones, Salads, & Desserts Appetizers: Fried Cheese Sticks, Wings, Sauteed Garlic Mushrooms, Lunch : Dinner:


Operated by A1 Custom Golf Cars

A-1 Custom Golf Cars Your on-site A1 Convenience Store carries a wide range of Sundry items, RV Parts and Supplies. We offer Golf Cars, Golf Cart Repair, Batteries, Golf Cart Parts, On-Site Monthly Preventative Maintenance, Cart Rentals and Summer Storage. Special orders may be placed for RV Parts and Golf Cart Parts not carried in the A1 Convenience Store. A1 Convenience Store, operated by A1 Custom Golf Car, along with our Staff, look forward to serving all your needs this season. Hours of Operation : MON – SAT 8AM – 3PM SUNDAYS 8AM – 12 Noon Hours of Operation will be extended for the season in January.

Calamari, Garlic Cheese Toast & Fried Zucchini


Balloon Festival, Cathedral City, Nov. 17-19th

All calls 1 760 328-3834 Admin Office Ext. GM 244 Accounting 262 Front desk 301/302 Gate 260 or 760 328-3834 or 760 770-0065 La Palma Clubhouse Board Office/ Susan 250 Store 254 Mailroom 255 El Saguaro Clubhouse Activities Gary 270 Activities Assistant 271 Mailroom 272


Message from the Editor

E-MAIL ADDRESSES Clint Atherton - General Manager Brenda Mejia - Controller Susan Matthew - Board Secretary Gary Marshall- Activities Director ORACLE ORACLE@ORPS.COM

We are still looking for volunteers interested in helping with the creation of the ORACLE. It is a big job and many hands make light work. The program is Microsoft Publisher and if you might be interested in taking on even one page, please send an e-mail to the Oracle office.

Recommendations to improve on our news magazine, photos and articles about open resort activities are always welcome. Please drop off a note at the Oracle Office, or email us at: ORACLE@ORPS.COM . This is your ORACLE. Eva Norcross Editor

Golf Shack Attendant

280 or 760-324-8638

Maintenance Office Barbara - Dispatcher 293 Bella Roma 256 Beauty Salon 760 328-0007


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