Viking Cruise Bergen to Basel - 2022

Next, we visited an “old town” section where many old wooden houses are still maintained. They looked like clones of those same structures we had viewed in other Norwegian cities. They do have a certain charm and add to the history of this small town. We also visited a storied café set in one of the houses and were served some delicious Norwegian brown cheese on tasty thin pancakes, topped with strawberry or apricot jam.

For some unknown and odd reason, we were taken to an “old fishing village” (Hollen) with some more white wooden houses but these were in a rundown condition and sad. The former fishing village has now been turned into a posh resort with big yachts, fancy houses, upscale shops, and other perks for wealthy Norwegians and some foreigners too. We were bored with that part of the excursion and felt it should not have been included in our visit off the ship.

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