Viking Cruise Bergen to Basel - 2022

And we were taken up to Hohen-Hollen, the world-famous ski jump practice area and site of the Olympic ski jump competitions when the Games are held in Norway. The jump structure itself was terrifyingly high and we wondered how anyone ever gets up the nerve to ski down its steep slope the first time. We are glad that we have been to Oslo again. 6 th Port: Skagen, Denmark This little seaside village lies at the northernmost point of Denmark’s Jutland Peninsula. Though it is still an important herring fishing village, it is also noted for its long sandy beaches and its pristine dunes and picturesque moors. Thus, it attracts many tourists and summer seekers from all over Denmark and neighboring countries. The population in summer swells from 8000 residents to 50,000 with visitors counted. The highlight of the visit for us was seeing and climbing the Rabjerg Mile, the largest migrating sand dune in Europe. The landscape is bleak; only a few grasses and plants grow on the sandy dunes. The sand is slippery but the slope to the top is not very steep. But the climb was challenging because it was two steps up and one sliding back down. The view from the top was expansive and encompassed more of the similar terrain. We could see the dry and bitten trees which were struggling to survive where the dune itself began to rise.

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