Viking Cruise Bergen to Basel - 2022

2nd Port: Kinderdijk This is the famous row of windmills around which we rode bicycles when we were last here several years ago. On this occasion, we walked from the ship to the windmills and around a few of them. A knowledgeable guide accompanied us, explaining how the windmills help to control the water “enemy” of the Netherlands. Of course, the water is not only the foe of Dutch, but also a friend if its levels can be controlled. The guide explained that few of the old mills are still functioning, but most are maintained because this is a UNESCO site. The mills demonstrate the history of the ongoing war between the Netherlanders and the North Sea and all the ingenious ways the people have fought back.

Something new to us there was seeing the statue of the Cat & the Cradle which memorializes an old story of a cat who saved a baby living in one of the windmills. Due to a windmill malfunction, water rose into the living area and threatened to drown the baby in her cradle. The cat leapt up on the cradle and kept it rocking which saved the child. We always like good stories about cats!

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