Viking Cruise Bergen to Basel - 2022

3rd Port: Cologne, Germany This is an ancient city with its roots in the Roman Empire. There are several ruins in the city that prove the Roman foundation, such as a large section of the old Roman sewage system which had to be removed when the city fathers determined it was past time to modernize the ancient infrastructure.

We enjoyed a 45-minute bus ride from the Gersemi into Cologne. The outskirts were rural with fertile fields, especially of the radiant golden rapeseed plants. Then, as we neared the city, the small clusters of tiny villages appeared. Brightly colored houses competed in the “color war” of trees, shrubs, fields, flowers and bright green lawns.

But the biggest draw in Cologne is its magnificent cathedral which was spared by the Allies in World War II. The brilliant stain glass windows were removed to safety by the concerned populace prior to wholesale bombing missions started in that part of Germany. The cathedral is Gothic in design, and it was started in 1248 and construction continued over the ensuing seven centuries before being completed. Of course, the edifice is now a UNESCO heritage site. It is still the largest Gothic Cathedral in Northern Europe with its two soaring spires and its incredibly beautiful interior.

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