Viking Cruise Bergen to Basel - 2022

Many trees and shrubs give the town a rural feeling and bird song was heard everywhere. The famous European storks nest in numbers here and the townspeople are very welcoming and protective of these large birds. We saw many on nests and others carrying nesting materials to new nest sites.

Speaking of animals, the residents are also fond of dogs. We encountered many strutting along happily leading their owners ever forward. The most curious encounter with pets was seeing a large grey cat being “herded” by his owner with a slender stick back into his own front yard behind a wooden gate. He had wandered out of his own territory when someone forgot to close the gate. The owner tapped him lightly to urge him in the right direction and he would give her a peeved look as he continued to move on. We waited until we saw him safely inside the colorful garden that is home.

In the afternoon, we left Colmar and took a long drive up into the storied Black Forest. The day had turned dark and cloudy and occasional spotty rain dappled the windows of the bus. The water curtain could not hide the beautiful scenery as we rose higher and higher into the mountains.

The forested areas were dark and mysterious, and farmlands were well tended and lovely with colorful crops or straight plowed fields awaiting seeding. Interspersed were white coverings which protected the famous black forest white asparagus from turning green the strawberries from too much sunlight as well.

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