Viking Cruise Bergen to Basel - 2022

9 th City LUCERNE, SWITZERLAND On our second day in Basel, we arranged to take a private tour up to Lake Lucerne and the Alps. A nice couple we had not met before, joined us. Alas, the rain continued through the entire 2-hour drive to Lucerne. The sky was dark and threatening too so we had little hope of seeing the Alps. Hence, it was good that we were prepared to be disappointed. We bought tickets to ride in cable cars up to the top of Mt. Pilatus, hoping for some photogenic views of the Alps. But that did not happen either. The ragged but thick clouds followed up the slope and we could not even see the ground from our gondola. Mt. Pilatus is 7000 feet (about 2134 m) high, and it requires two different cable cars to reach the summit. At the summit, there are two big hotels and a large visitors center with a restaurant, shops and a movie showing details of the mountain and its history. The clouds were so thick we could nothing of the surrounding peaks nor of Lake Lucerne itself.

Gondola coming into mountaintop station

The most interesting and fun part of being atop Pilatus was watching the crows dancing and balancing on the bitter cold aluminum fencing around the large plaza in front of the Visitors center. An old gentleman was feeding the hungry and eager birds from his hands and on the plaza tiles. They jumped and flew, squabbled, and ate everything he provided. They were very amusing and kept the trip up from being a total bust.

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