Viking Cruise Bergen to Basel - 2022

Strolling through this charming area of the city is like having a walk back in time. The houses are white but there are many colorful accents like flowerpots overflowing with blossoms and interesting small sculptures nestled in the front yard gardens. Behind the houses rose steep green hills adding to the beauty of the area. There were also lots of cats to merit photos, very pleasing to us.

For us, the walks were doubly interesting because we got to observe people of all ages wearing traditional Norwegian dress as they went to weddings in local churches or for school graduations and other

celebrations. The women’s and girls’ ensembles were bright and vibrant with colors too. Intricate and beautiful embroidery work adorned most of the clothing. Overhead, a beautiful sky beamed down from its own bright blue expanse and the temperature was cool and invigorating.

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