Viking Cruise Bergen to Basel - 2022

Norway received a valuable and much appreciated gift from Mother Nature on its continental shelf in l969: OIL! So naturally we visited their very modern Oil Museum. Today, 5 million Norwegians labor in the oil industry in some way. That is 14% of the total population. Oil has made Norway the richest of the Scandanavian countries and the enlightened government has dedicated the money to the people in the form of improved infrastructure (roads, tunnels, health care, education, housing and the like). What a novel & wonderful idea! Honest government and sharing the windfall with all the people living in the country.

The museum is very well done with many exhibits discussing how oil is formed, what machinery is used in harvesting the oil, in locating new sources of oil, securing the safety of the workers on oil rigs, and sharing the wealth. Interspersed among the sometimes-gigantic pieces of equipment and some smaller exhibits as well, are beautifully realized dinosaur statues. The cretaceous period when the great gift formed is well documented and explained too. This is a museum that fulfills its purpose of educating, entertaining, and recording the history of oil in Norway. We thoroughly enjoyed this visit.

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