SCORE St. Louis January 2020

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Jan. 2020


positive experience with others at SCORE.“I stepped in and took the liaison role, starting to promote it within the chapter,” Keith says. Last year, Keith recruited six SCORE volunteers; this year, he recruited four more.“It’s growing,” Keith confirms.“Our SCORE folks bring a lot of common-sense business knowledge to the table and help train Sling teams.The whole process is cool and different from the typical mentoring roles. Sling uses a four-step process for building business, and they are developing solutions and trying to figure out if there’s business around the solution to medical problems.” It’s no surprise that volunteers see the value in the program.“It’s very rewarding,” Keith says of the volunteers’ experiences with Sling.“Every session, we walk out of there going,‘Wow, we learned so much.’ Some days you just sit there and listen. I have execs walking out of the meetings telling me,‘This is so great; I learned a lot.The team is so energetic and passionate about solving problems. It’s great to watch them grow.’ That gives us all energy.” In addition to his work with Sling and passion for growing the mentorship program, Keith, a certified public accountant, shares his financial know-how during SCORE ST. Louis’ “Starting

For the last several years, SCORE volunteer KeithVollmar has spearheaded a unique program within our chapter: bringing SCORE volunteers to Sling Health atWashington University School of Medicine, where they give business insight to enterprising students — and learn a lot more in return. volunteers and Sling teams. Sling, a student-run health care accelerator atWashington University, formed in response to gaps and challenges in the medical industry.The ingenuity of students (including those studying medicine, engineering, and business) combined with the on-the-ground knowledge of health care professionals powers teams to solve crucial problems facing the medical community. However, the teams often don’t have the practical business know-how. Enter SCORE. When SCORE staff asked who would be willing to help out and volunteer at Sling,“I happened to raise my hand,” Keith says. From there, he met with a student group at Sling, observed their process, and caught the infectious enthusiasm that exists in this student- run environment. He was excited to share his What started as a simple exchange has morphed into a rewarding experience for SCORE

Your Business” Saturday seminars. For Keith, it’s another rewarding part of his experience with SCORE.“I love passing on knowledge. It’s always cool sitting in a classroom and seeing the light bulbs go on and realizing,‘Oh, they get it!’” he shares. During one of the recent seminars, Keith had just explained the function of a balance sheet when one of the attendees raised their hand.“I work for a nonprofit,” she told Keith,“and our accountant has been trying to explain balance sheets to me for a year and a half.This is the first time I got it.” For Keith, these types of illuminating moments are what SCORE is all about.“That feedback, knowing that I’m helping, makes it worthwhile,” he says. With SCORE, you’re never alone! Schedule an appointment to meet with a mentor today. Call 1-866-726-7340 or visit right now!



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