2024 TriMark Premier Collections Catalog

We have exciting new additions to our very versatile Ariane Artisan collection with two new color lines! Introducing Sapphire, an earthy teal hue, and Coast, a warm, sunny beige. We’re now featuring eight colors in our Artisan collection. In addition to Black Dazzle, Crème, Desert Sage, Matte White, Ocean, and Pebble we now have Sapphire and Coast. And the best part of the Artisan line is mixing any of the colors to create truly unique and enticing tablescapes. There are countless color combinations: try mixing the cool blue of Ocean with the warmth of Coast or balance the vibrancy of Sapphire with the peaceful tone of Dessert Sand. Use the Ariane Artisan palette to echo your décor and highlight your cuisine. Have fun with this collection and excite your guests’ senses. Remember, we “eat” with our eyes even before we taste the food! Two New Colors!


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