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back pain during their pregnancies (defined as a persistent pain lasting longer than 2-3 months) due to the changes in their center of gravity. Muscle weakness may also lead to urinary incontinence and difficulty activating core muscles. Pilates can help ease the stresses that your body iscurrentlygoingthroughandhelp itbetter prepare for birth. It focuses on improvement of posture, flexibility, muscle strength, joint alignment,andnerve involvement.Whenthese factors are all functioning in harmony at their peak levels, your stress, fatigue, and achiness will begin to subside. What About Post-Partum Pains? It is likely that your body may experience a general weakness after delivery as well, due to the stress and significant change that is placedonyourbodyduringtheprocess.Pilates exercisescan focusspecificallyonthecoreand pelvic regions of the body, in order to help you bounce back as quickly as possible. In some cases, women may experience diastasis recti with their delivery, also known as abdominal separation. Diastasis recti can interferewiththestrengtheningoftheabdomen muscles and cause the belly to “pooch.” Fortunately, through targeted core strengthening, Pilates can also help reverse this condition so you can get back to what matters most: caring for your new family member! Sign Me Up for Pilates! Are you interested in adding Pilates to your physical therapy treatment plan, in order

to allow for a smoother, more comfortable delivery? Do you want to get rid of those pregnancy-related aches and pains? Are you ready to get your body back after giving birth? If so, contact The Fit Institute today! Targeted Pilates exercises will ease your pregnancy. In addition, our licensed physical therapists can also help you with: • Targeted stretches and strengthening exercises to help during pregnancy. • Treatment plans for both before and after your baby is born. • Increased health while pregnant. • Preparing the body for an easier delivery process. • Helping to manage or avoid certain issues that may arise during pregnancy, such as gestational diabetes. • Relieving lower back pain and joint pains that come with pregnancy. • Regaining your strength after pregnancy, by working on the core and pelvic muscles to get back in shape. Pregnancy ishardwork–and it’sokaytoget some help. At The Fit Institute, we are here to provide you with the help you need. Call (773)799-2795 toscheduleyourconsultation with one of our caring and compassionate physical therapists – and we’ll help you get moving, mamas!

At The Fit Institute, we have some exciting news toshare–twoofourstaffmembersarepregnant! Because of this, we wanted to share some fun ways to get moving while you’re expecting your bundle of joy. Manywomenexperienceadecrease inphysical activity during their pregnancies, due to their overall discomfort, in tandem with juggling their seemingly endless daily responsibilities of working hard and preparing for new life. Lackofphysicalactivitycanmakepregnancies more difficult and can leave a mother’s body under-prepared for the strenuous birthing journey it is about to embark on. Fortunately, Pilates is an easy and fun way to get the exercise you need while preparing for the arrival of your new little one. Contact The Fit Institute today to learn more! How Can Pilates Help My Pregnancy? Pilates helps with improving strength and movement throughout the entire body. It has also been known to be used as a stress management technique, as well as a way to strengthen the joints and muscles. It helps with improving muscle performance, motor control,andreinforcingposturalalignment.By focusing on the core, Pilates is able to amplify your center of balance and promote an even musculature throughout the body. This is important during a pregnancy because it is no secret that the body experiences many drasticchangeswhileexpecting.This includes postural adjustments, increased load on the pelvic floor,hormone increases,andstretching and thickening of the ligaments. 50-70% of pregnant women also experience chronic

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