Recruit and hire a full-time Cultural Programs Manager and a part-time Technical/Productions Coordinator; and support professional development for Arts Commissioners.

STRATEGIES 1. Create job descriptions for use in recruiting and hiring a Cultural Programs Manager and a Technical/Productions Coordinator. (sample job descriptions included in Appendix D) 2. Make available a series of training activities for Commissioners to recognize and acknowledge best practices in arts administration from a policy perspective. For example, an annual visioning retreat facilitated by an outside arts administrator could help Commission members plan for the year ahead and review successes of the prior year. 3. Provide opportunities for Commission members to participate as panelists for other city and/or state grant review processes. 4. Review annually the goals of the City’s comprehensive plan with Commission members as a way to signal the role of the arts in achieving citywide goals. 5. Offer and fund opportunities for Commission members to participate in regional and national arts conferences and workshops. 6. Designate a percentage of available funds to secure memberships in regional, statewide or national arts service organizations. (e.g., Texas Accountants and Lawyers for the Arts, Texas Non-profit Theatre Association, Texans for the Arts) 7. Develop and publish Guiding Principles that set directions for meeting the current and future cultural needs of residents, artists and visitors. (example guiding principles included in Appendix E)


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