MAKE SOME NOISE! Design and implement diverse media communication methods that broadly disseminate information regarding the city’s arts, cultural and heritage resources.

OBSERVATIONS Serving citizens at a high level has always been a foremost priority for local government. Through the public engagement phase of this planning process, residents asked for greater transparency regarding the grants allocation process and more timely and frequent communications about arts activities. When it comes to the arts, public information is as much about actual program schedules and locations as it is about educating larger numbers of residents about the “why’s” of public investment in the arts. If cities don’t get the communication aspect right, residents will make their own assumptions and question the arts as a public activity limited to only a select population. A strong and ongoing system of communications with the public also helps set directions for the arts and encourages participation. For residents who question the allocation of public resources for the arts, it is important to provide data that connects to the economic impact of the arts, as well as frequent demonstrations of how the arts support a broad constituency – parents, educators, business owners and community builders. Contemporary and relevant communications plans should focus on four key areas: 1. INSIGHT – Give the public multiple ways to see how the arts can be a meaningful part of their everyday lives. 2. IDEAS – Solicit input from the public to better inform arts policy. 3. IMPLEMENTATION – Being situated alongside strong cultural centers of Dallas and Fort Worth, requires creative strategies for making DeSoto's arts activities take center stage within neighborhoods - making the arts visible in unexpected places. 4. IMPACT – An annual report on the arts, digital and in print, will help residents see how the sector is growing and how the arts underscore the city’s goals for development.


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