Create a buzz around “ Imagine DeSoto! ” Artist-Led Media Campaign!

Invest in a campaign that engages artists, cultural producers, other creatives and public relations experts to package a messaging strategy that reaches across local, regional, national and virtual communities. Designing and launching a themed marketing campaign branded as “ Imagine DeSoto ” should be a suite of fun, cohesive and compelling messages that signal a shift in the City.

Examples for “Imagine DeSoto” campaign ideas • What do you see? Commission area photographers to create photo exhibitions of the hidden gems (people, nature, activities) in DeSoto. Exhibitions can be displayed virtually and/or in public spaces. • Mayor’s Poetry Award – Organize a festival of poems written by any and everyone in the city and make those poems available in public spaces and through various forms of digital media. April is National Poetry Month, a great opportunity to challenge residents to write a poem about DeSoto and compete for the Mayor’s Poetry Award! • Pop up Sculpture Garden – Cities are partnering with artists and arts organizations to present outdoor arts activities – many of them drive-thru experiences. Consider offering a stipend to artists for the opportunity to showcase their sculpture in a City of DeSoto public park. (Anticipated costs: Stipends to artists range from $1,000 to $2,000, insurance for the art, plus a curator’s fee up to $5,000 to assemble and organize the pop-up experience.) Artwork could rotate to offer two different exhibitions each year. Parallel student exhibitions could be organized in area schools.


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