RECOMMENDATION Establish sanctioned practices for implementing an Art in Public Places program.

STRATEGIES 1. Create Artistic Design Standards (Standards) to provide aesthetic guidance to influence future development, construction projects, and existing places for integrating art projects and placing artwork on City-owned property. The Standards are tools that set artistic expectations for City projects. They are intended to provide inspirational points of reference and are not intended to be technical specifications. Elements such as lighting, pavement, building cladding, external support structures, railings, awning, wayfinding and more are consistently part of building packages that could benefit from collaborative input from artists, especially when they are included as a part of the design team. 2. Develop a Site and Opportunity Plan (Plan) that sets a strategic vision for art projects to be a part of the visioning and planning phases of City-driven construction projects. In collaboration with City departments, such as Parks and Recreation and Development Services, draft a two to five-year plan that sites art opportunities, allocates funds and prioritizes strategic methods for placing and integrating art projects. Opportunities within the Plan should reference the Standards. Early artistic consideration, with a focus on experience and impact, maximizes aesthetic and experiential aspects. This approach creates an expectation for integrating thoughts, ideas and ideologies into design standards and the physical design of each place or construction project. Early planning creates a practice of maintaining an intentional effort to integrate projects that are site-specific and site- responsive and enhances the overall development design. The City’s Agreement with the Wildwood Public Improvement Development (in progress) establishes a precedent for the Developer ”to fund improvements to other City Park and cultural facilities, including public art…) This, along with the Hampton Road Corridor Redevelopment Plan present ready opportunities for implementing these strategies.

Hampton Road Corridor Redevelopment Plan


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