RECOMMENDATION Appoint a 2022 Cultural Celebration task force to begin exploring possible regional and national collaborations.

STRATEGIES 1. Expand the 2022 Cultural Celebration task force as necessary to contribute to developing a bold and comprehensive vision for the citywide celebration of the arts. 2. Invite speakers, cultural and arts leaders from nearby cities to share the vision of the 2022 Cultural Celebration and identify potential partnership opportunities. 3. Investigate and learn from successes and challenges of citywide cultural celebrations launched in other communities. 4. Involve leaders from area public and private school districts as members of the task force to help identify potential opportunities for student involvement. 5. Following a period of discovery, clarify and determine the extent to which city leaders, the private sector, school officials and other community members (at all levels of interest) will play a role in creating a citywide cultural celebration. 6. No later than November 2021, the Task Force should present findings and a proposed work plan to the City Manager and the City Council. The plan should outline the human and financial resources needed to present the DeSoto 2022 Cultural Celebration. 7. Identify and approach potential private sector funders to support the proposed Cultural Celebration.


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