Appendix C – Public Responses

Aggregated from community engagement meeting





keep them all

the black box theatre


attract a ffl uent influences to our future


opportunities to diversity: arts & culture, cuisine


O parks and open spaces to display local art sculptures O DeSoto needs variety - unique is good O arts/music programs for early education (toddlers & kids) O imagine arts being not just painting and music. Imagine culture, hair, food, fashion… O gra ffi ti art outlet, like Deep Ellum has - can change it out annually & make a picture calendar O unspoken word theatre for kids O attract a ffl uent influences to our future O getting the theater back on tract O ethnic variety in entertainment and dining O starting cultural clubs i.e. Caribbean, German, Italian clubs and events O use zoom webinar so attendees can contribute & attend remotely O managing director w/arts & performance background & experience on sta ff to manage , create shows/events O comedy clubs O parks & open spaces to display local art sculptures O creating a DeSoto theater school/group O build on our natural beauty (parks) to make our city walkable O public art for kids/teens in spring - like a Spring Fling IDEAS box for anonymous comments and for leaving business cards create an information board/resource board for non-profits and independent artists and for parents looking for programs for their children

facility dedicated to cultivate youth arts programming access-access professional development workshops for DeSoto-based non-profits have local artists exhibit their work, provide free lessons; allow community to see work-in-progress


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