Cultural Programs Manager

Reporting to the City Manager, the role of the Cultural Programs Manager is to provide the vision and strategy for the City of DeSoto to ensure that residents and visitors to the city have access to a thriving cultural sector that enhances the quality of life and supports the economic vibrancy of the city. The Manager of Cultural Programs is responsible for providing vision to implement the City’s Art and Culture Master Plan. The position nurtures and helps assure art, music, dance and celebratory events in DeSoto respond to the needs and interests of the resident community, are made available to residents and continue to flourish, while also being preserved and promoted outside the lands in which they originated. The success of the Cultural Programs unit plays a vital part in the city’s efforts to strengthen the arts sector.


The Cultural Programs Manager works extensively with artists and community groups, individually and as a coalition, to support the development and advancement of cultural programming. This includes planning signature programs with the advisement of the City Manager and Arts Commission. The position provides public engagement and guidance to communities on leadership, creative direction, scheduling, budgeting, production, cultural organization development and future growth. The Manager of Cultural Programs also manages grant programs, identifies and leverages community resources and provides advice on fundraising and partnership development. A successful candidate will demonstrate a sincere appreciation of all forms of cultural expression, recognizing the value of engaging the public in the performing and visual arts. The Cultural Programs Manager also works closely with appropriate city departments and private sector partners to market and promote a schedule of arts activities that accommodates and balances multiple needs, interests and goals of many programs and events in the city. This position will contribute to the creation of marketing and communication content for the events produced and funded by the city. The Cultural Programs Manager manages a budget and a small staff of regular and contract employees.


Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: • Confirmed work history relative to the tasks of the position or bachelor’s degree (preferably in Arts/Business Administration, Public Administration, the Fine Arts) • Three years of work in public programming, event planning and/or production. • Possess the ability to organize and manage multiple events simultaneously. • Relational skills are equally as important as technical skills. • Demonstrated cultural competency, as well as the ability to foster relationships and collaborate with a broad spectrum of people, including volunteers. • Strong oral and written communication skills


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